July 20, 2016

Why you should wet test before buying?

Buying a Beachcomber hot tub is a big appliance purchase for your home. One that you should take time to consider and make sure that it is correct for your situation. Testing a hot tub before buying it is always a good idea because it will allow you to understand all aspects, positive and negative, of it.

With Beachcomber, you can visit participating stores and test out any of our hot tub models right there in the showroom. We created this program so that our customers become comfortable with their purchase before buying it.

Testing a Hot Tub Before Buying


Finding a suitable model

  • The smallest detail can make the biggest difference when deciding between hot tub brands and models. Having the right amount of foot space, seating and depth are just some of the variables that can affect your relaxation experience.


Learn how hydrotherapy helps

  • Until you experience the benefits of hydrotherapy you don’t totally understand how it will relax and loosen your muscles. Beachcomber’s hydrotherapeutic benefits are unsurpassed in the hot tub industry.


Experience our flexjet system

  • The right jetting setup can make relaxing in a hot tub very relaxing. Beachcomber’s flexjet system allows for complete massage personalization. This tub design also allows you to adjust the type of jet in each water socket.


Why ergonomic seating is best

  • Ergonomic seating is a discreet feature within our hot tubs. It’s one of the main aspects that helps create an amazingly comfortable experience for our customers.


Come by our any of our factory outlets or any participating retail store to take advantage of this great opportunity.

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