March 24, 2016

Why pH is so important in hot tub water?

PH levels in a hot tub are incredibly important. They can affect many things in your hot tub including water quality and chemical effectiveness.

Although adding Chlorine and Bromine helps keep your water clean and clear, it doesn’t maintain correct pH levels. The correct pH levels for your hot tub water to be within is 7.4 to 7.8.

Understanding Hot Tub pH Levels

pH levels that are too low

When the water in your hot tub falls below this acceptable range, it will become acidic and corrosive. This will affect your body as well as the working parts in your hot tub. The corrosive water will start to corrode the metal components that it comes in contact with. The main victim of corrosive water is the hot tub heater. It’s made of a metal that is heavily affected by corrosive water.


pH levels that are too high

When the water in your tub goes above this recommended range, it will cause several other problems. These issues can include scale and cloudy water. High pH allows minerals in the water to fall out of suspension and onto the tub surfaces. Once this happens, it leaves behind a grey residue on the tub surface as well as inside the plumbing lines that can damage the plastic and rubber components within the hot tub.

After testing your pH levels with our Beachcomber Test Strips, it’s relatively easy to restore them back to normal. Beachcomber Hot Tubs carries 2 products called “pH Plus” and “pH Minus”, which as their names suggest raising and lowering pH respectively. All that is needed is a few capfuls, followed by a quick water test to assure that your levels have been restored.

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