January 4, 2019

Why it’s the Perfect Time to Invest in a Cover Removal System

With the New Year now under way, you may be looking forward to following your New Year’s resolutions. If part of that is better health, deeper sleep, and quicker post-exercise recovery, your Beachcomber hot tub will play a large role in your plan! To make sure that your Beachcomber is also geared up for 2019 resolutions, now is a perfect time to invest in a cover removal system.

Outside of the hot tub itself, there’s no more important element to your Beachcomber than the cover. A hot tub cover not only keeps your hot tub protected, it keeps your water clean and traps in heat to maintain the energy efficiency.


Our HEATSHIELD™ hot tub covers have been designed with up to 45% more insulating power than standard covers, and include our vacuum-seal construction to ensure that the heat inside your hot tub stays inside. This way you can keep costs down in winter as you enjoy your daily soaks in your Beachcomber’s massaging waters.

If you have any issues with your back, or are planning on enjoying solo soaks often, one of the best investments you can make into your hot tub is a cover removal system that takes the work out of getting in and out of your hot tub.

At Beachcomber, we offer a few hot tub cover lifter options to satisfy varying needs and price points.


Beachcomber Hot Tub Cover Lifter Options



Our AIRLIFT™ Cover Lifter is engineered with aircraft-grade corrosion proof metals, incorporates hydraulic assistance for easy lifting and closing, and provides flexible mounting options for all hot tubs and surroundings.

A few of the highlights of the design:

  • Quality gas shock assisted hydraulic springs for easy and light lifting
  • Flexible install and mounting options for all sizes of hot tubs, corner radius’ and surrounds
  • Only requires 9” clearance
  • Doesn’t catch HEATSHIELD™ skirt when opening and closing
  • Utilizes locking pin to protect HEATSHIELD™ cover from blowing over
  • 2-step process for quick opening
  • Guaranteed for 2-years



Our SLIDE ‘N STORE™ X-TREME Cover Lifter is designed with a steel plate to utilize the weight of the hot tub to secure the cover lifter in place. Built using high-grade aluminum with integral hydraulic pistons for easy lifting, it provides simple do-it-yourself installation for square, rectangular, and circular shaped hot tubs.

A few of the highlights of the design:

  • Cradle design provides gentle handling of your HEATSHIELD™ cover
  • Integral hydraulic piston for easy on and off cover lifting
  • Easy installation by slipping under PERMASEAL™ without drilling into hot tub
  • Requires 34” (87 cm) clearance
  • Effortless 3-step process for easy opening
  • Guaranteed for 2-years



Our SLIDE & STORE™ PLUS Cover Lifter is an affordable solution manufactured to provide quick removal of your HEATSHIELD™ cover with minimum effort while in use. The cradle ensures your HEATSHIELD™ is easily lifted without any undue stress and remains suspended without touching the ground.

A few of the highlights of the design:

  • Cradle design provides gentle handling of your HEATSHIELD™ cover
  • Design utilizes single hydraulic strut and stress-free hinge operation
  • Requires 24” (61 cm) clearance
  • Effortless 3-step process for easy opening
  • Guaranteed for 2-years



Our LIFT ‘N STORE™ PLUS Cover Lifter utilizes an under-mount lifting design with dual gas springs to assist in your hot tub cover removal, creating a simple vertical lift motion. This system is ideal with hot tubs sunken into decks where space is limited, and only requires 6 in. of clear space to allow for proper installation and operation.

A few of the highlights of the design:

  • Dual gas spring assisted
  • Requires only 6″ of clearance
  • Mounts to edge of hot tub cabinetry or directly to deck
  • Durable zinc plated and powder coated finish
  • Highest quality stainless steel hardware
  • Guaranteed for 2-years


For more details, please visit our website, and no matter which hot tub cover lifter you purchase, it’s very important that you take the time to follow proper hot tub cover maintenance to keep it looking its best longer. Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about our hot tub cover removal options.

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