July 19, 2016

What’s a Filter Flosser? How will it help clean my filter?

The Filter Flosser is an easy to use tool developed for cleaning hot tub filters. Its intelligent design fits a regular garden hose and cleans your filter in half of the time of a conventional hose cleaning. It’s powerful tool for hot tub owners sick of having to constantly hand-clean their filter.

The curved nozzle design creates a powerful, convergent spray pattern which helps clean the filter thoroughly. Its unique design creates water and air agitation which is able to clean deep in the pleats of the filter. The forceful jets allow for quick and easy cleaning.

Here are the benefits that the Filter Flosser provides:


  • Works on all filter types, its convergent design isn’t restrictive.
  • Easily fits a standard garden hose, it’s simply built for ease of use.
  • Reduces back-splash and mess.
  • Minimizes filter replacement costs.
  • Eco-friendly design reduces water usage by as much as 50%.
  • Maximizes filter performance & life.
  • Jetting force cleans deep into filter.


The Filter Flosser also features a comfortable ergonomic grip that accommodates your hand. This grip long with the rest of flosser is built with durable 100% aluminum. It’s a must for any hot tub owner who’s looking for an easier way to clean and maintain their filters.

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