March 7, 2016

What does the Energy Saver Management System do?

Every Beachcomber has added features that help to reduce the impact heating has on your monthly energy bill. One of the most important features we added is the Energy Saver Management System (ESMS).

This signature Beachcomber system does everything from adjust your filtration cycles to set your heating modes to reduce power usage. The topside panel of your hot tub has digital controls to customize cleaning, filtration and heating modes for a personalized hot tub experience.

Explaining The Beachcomber Energy Saver Management System

It essentially operates as the “brain” of your hybrid model hot tub.

How does it work?

Beachcomber’s management system allows you to manage the frequency and duration of filter cycles, which has a major effect on hot tub energy consumption. Minimizing filter cycle frequency and duration will reduce the overall energy consumption of your hot tub. Beachcomber’s ESMS allows you the flexibility to optimize and change the filtration cycles with a touch of a button. Our smart controls save up to 5% – 10% of a tub’s heating energy requirement.

Beachcomber Hot Tip:

When starting the search for your next hot tub, be sure that you keep energy efficiency in the forefront of your mind. Many other hot tub brands offer low upfront costs, but little effort into monthly savings, long term energy efficiency and hot tub durability.


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