June 20, 2017

Using Heat Therapy To Treat Sports Injuries

Heat therapy has been proven as an effective and powerful treatment in facilitating the body’s natural healing process. But, it’s important to know when to start the application of heat to targeted areas of the body, and how to use it in a way that will be most beneficial to your injury pain.


How to correctly use hot tub heat therapy to heal.


Wait until the swelling decreases

Initially, right after an injury, you will see swelling concentrated in the area. Applying heat right away will increase blood flow and cause the inflammation to rise. This is why it’s best to apply ice right away to get the swelling down and alleviate the initial shock and pain.


Use heat to rebuild & repair damaged tissue

Once the initial swelling has gone down, your body starts the long process of forming new tissue where the damage has occurred. The full maturation of this tissue can last as long as one full year depending on the location and severity of your injury.


This is when you should begin and continue consistent heat therapy.


Some of the benefits include:

  • Increase in circulation
  • Increase in cellular metabolism
  • Reducing the risk of muscle spasms
  • Increase in oxygen and nutrients into the area to promote healing
  • Increase in extensibility of muscle and connective tissue to help you stretch and reinforce the tissue


So if you find yourself unfortunately on the wrong end of a sports injury, wait until the swelling has begun to subside and begin using heat therapy in a Beachcomber Hot Tub for 15-20 minutes.


It’s a building block of a healthy lifestyle, and can keep you active and enjoying the most out of life longer!

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