August 24, 2017

Take Advantage of the Final Days of the August Financing Promo!

As summer draws nearer to a close, are you stocking your deep freezer with popsicles to last you through the winter? A wiser approach would be to take quick advantage of the August Financing Promotion, if you haven’t done so already!

Only available until August 31st, the August Financing Promotion offers the opportunity to finance your hot tub purchase and make no payments for the next 6 months (until 2018). You do have the option to pay off your balance right away; otherwise set up super low bi-weekly payments. And approval is usually instant.


Owning a hot tub can cost less than a popsicle

 (At the overpriced ice cream truck rate, that is). With that level of affordability, what other questions/concerns might you have?



Maybe concerns about the payment schedule?

Rest assured that you can make additional payments any time without penalty.


Wondering about rates?

You can get a lower payment by choosing an amortization period of up to 180 months.


Questioning the security level?

Bank-level encryption in the application keeps your personal information protected.


Imagining hidden fees?

There is a small one time processing fee, but no additional costs or hidden agendas!

*Conditions apply. Available online & at participating stores only. 

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