• How To Reduce Stress With Hydrotherapy

    How To Reduce Stress With Hydrotherapy

    Do you often fantasize about what life would be like totally stress-free. Unfortunately, with everything we all have going on, living stress-free 24/7 just isn’t that realistic. In today’s hyper-paced world, as many as 70% of working adults suffer from chronic stress-related conditions including anxiety and insomnia. So if the world around us isn’t going to slow down, how can we find the time to keep up without getting run down?

    Hot Tub Stress Relief!

    Studies have shown that adding a 15 minute soak in a hot tub can have huge payoffs in your daily outlook and overall well-being.

    This little escape for yourself pays for itself in:

    • Increased productivity
    • Improved mood
    • Better sleep


    This is because of the natural endorphins released in your body after a short stint in warm water, mixed with the therapeutic benefits of jet propulsion.

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    Find your daily paradise, and tune everything else out…even for a just 15 minutes.

    Endorphins interact directly with our brain’s receptors, creating a sense of heightened euphoria. The noticeable impacts include:

    • Reducing our perception of pain and stress
    • Helping our overall levels of happiness
    • Improving the functioning of our immune system

    Let’s just put it this way, if endorphins could be bottled and sold at your local drug store, there would be a Black Friday rush to rip them off the shelves.

    So the next time you feel stress creeping up on you, think about the amazing benefits that endorphins can have for your body and how a hot tub can help you reach that state. There’s no better feeling than the the feeling of stress melting away from your shoulders as you reach a serene and calm mindset.

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