• Spending Too Much Time Balancing Your Hot Tub Water?

    Spending Too Much Time Balancing Your Hot Tub Water?

    A common misconception about hot tub ownership is the amount of time required for maintenance. By identifying the right water care solution for you, and planning accordingly, keeping your water healthy and balanced can be incredibly easy and only take a few minutes a week!

    You’ll need to weigh three main factors when choosing the right water care program for you: quality of water, ease of use, and cost.

    While there are a few different combinations of products you could go with, the one that effectively balances these three tenets is the CARE FREE™ water care system.

    It ensures that quality of water is prioritized by combining water conditioners, clarifiers, enzyme biofilm disruptors, metal sequestering agents and multi-oxidizing components. But it is also an easy to use weekly 4-in-1 system that does away with a host of conditioning products, by consolidating multiple products into a single two product system, CARE FREE™ and CARE FREE BOOST™. This also means that it’s affordable as a replacement for multiple stand-alone products.

    With CARE FREE™ as the foundation of your water care program, you can also add a couple enhancing products for complete peace of mind. If you’re using your hot tub infrequently, consider adding CHLOR DISCS™ to your CARE FREE™ program. This will ensure that a sanitizer is maintained when your hot tub is not in use and prevents having to recover from cloudy water when you’ve been away. If there aren’t long breaks between your hot tub soaks, you only need to add CARE FREE™ to your water once a week and a little CARE FREE BOOST™ after each hot tub use.

    And are you thinking about everyone who uses your hot tub? Consider trying SOFT™, for the pleasure of your friends and family, who will find their skin moisturized and the water silky. As a dry skin solution, SOFT™ is a natural boron salt that moisturizes your skin and makes the water silky. SOFT™ is optimized for the CARE FREE™ water care system and universally compatible with all water care systems.


    Top Q & A: Balancing Your Water and Thinking Ahead to Winterizing Maintenance

    How often should I drain my hot tub?

    With an average use of 2 people, soaking 3 to 4 times a week, we recommend draining your hot tub every 4 months. Decrease the interval with more bathers or more frequent use.

    How often do I need to add products to my hot tub water?

    Depending on the water care system you are running, follow the directions on the labels. Participating Beachcomber Hot Tub stores also offer computer water analysis, totally free. They can test a sample of your water and provide you with a simple ‘recipe’ sheet of products to add to ensure clear, clean water.

    How do I properly winterize my hot tub?

    Drain your hot tub as per normal and remove the plumbing assembly from the jet pump return line and heater inlet. Please consult your Owner’s Guide for details. Blow air into these lines with a Shop Vac, then suck the water out of the tub and from the pumps. Pour RV anti-freeze into the floor drain and secure the Heatshield cover onto your hot tub.



    Save 66% on the CARE FREE™ water care system, as part of July’s monthly flex bundle!

    Beachcomber’s water care products include everything you need to maintain your hot tub water! 

    Drain & Fill

  • Ways to Lower your Chlorine Levels

    Ways to Lower your Chlorine Levels

    Maintaining the proper chemical balance inside your hot tub is vital. Most hot tub owners subscribe to a chlorine-based sanitizing program to keep their hot tub water safe and clear for bather use. It’s a necessary part of proper hot tub water care because they destroy dangerous contaminants that can build up in your hot tub.

    But what do you do if you start noticing a strong chemical smell in your hot tub? Or worse, yourself and other bathers start experiencing troubling symptoms like stinging eyes and irritation on your skin?

    These are a few of the telltale signs of high chloramine levels in your hot tub. If your sanitizer is continually too high over a longer period of time, your hot tub surfaces may also start to degrade, damaging the acrylic and underside of your spa cover.

    Sometimes, owners assume their chlorine of bromine levels are too high without checking, which is why we recommend always using 6 Way Water Test Strips to confirm whether you have a sanitizer problem, before you start sourcing solutions.


    How To Reduce Chlorine Levels In Your Hot Tub

    Solution 1: Wait It Out

    The first thing you can do is nothing. Don’t add any more doses of chlorine or bromine to your hot tub and allow it to sit for a day or two. The sanitizer levels will naturally decrease over time, just know that you want to avoid using your hot tub during this period.

    Solution 2: Add Fresh Water

    If you don’t want to wait to use your hot tub, another solution is adding in fresh water and allowing it to circulate before testing your sanitizer levels once again. If your hot tub water is over three months old, it might be time to drain and refill the water anyway.

    Solution 3: Add Neutralizer

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ Neutralizer is a highly effective product for lowering your sanitizer levels. This can be used prior to a draining the tub to ensure the drained water doesn’t damage or erode the hot tub surroundings, or in extremely low doses to lower the sanitizer levels inside the hot tub. Make sure to follow the instructions closely prior to use.

    Solution 4: ClearTech UVC System

    A retrofit component that is compatible with a number of our hot tub models, ClearTech UVC offers a highly-advanced water treatment technology that neutralizes waterborne pathogens and reduces the sanitizer required to maintain clear, clean water by up to 50%. Harnessing the sun’s natural UV light, ClearTech UVC works 24/7 without producing any chemical by-products or emissions.

    Solution 5: Switch To The CARE FREE Water Care System

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ CARE FREE is a water conditioning system exclusive to the Beachcomber line of products. CARE FREE removes organic material in your hot tub water. Almost odourless, it helps maintain a more stable water balance, leaves the water cleaner, and maximizes your filter’s performance.


    Where to get everything you need? Beachcomber’s Water Care products include everything you need to maintain your water! 

  • The healthiest, cleanest hot tub water imaginable!

    The healthiest, cleanest hot tub water imaginable!

    If you’ve ever thought about owning a hot tub, maintenance is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. The reality is that owning and operating a Beachcomber Hot tub is easier than ever before.

    Thanks to our Care Free™ water care system, the healthiest water imaginable is an absolute breeze to maintain. 

    What is Care Free™ Water Care?

    Care Free™ is the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. Beachcomber’s Care Free™ products have been engineered specifically for your Beachcomber Hot Tub to create an extraordinary experience every time your step into your backyard spa oasis.

    Blended with multi-functioning purpose in mind, Care Free™ treats your water so it’s fresh and crystal clear without all the harsh chemicals. Care Free™ replaces traditional water care products such as sequesterants, water clarifiers and calcium increasers; making it safer for your family and the environment while saving you money!

    It is designed to use in conjunction with the Care Free Boost sanitizer. Care Free™ is perfect for the regular hot tub user who appreciates the efficiency of blending all the ingredients you need into one great product and loves hot tubing in crystal clear water.

    Starting up your hot tub using Care Free™

    Based on a hot tub volume of 1000 litres
    • Step #1 – Once your hot tub is filled with water, ensure that the knife valves in the equipment area are in the open position to allow water to flow. Ensure that the bottom drain valve is closed.
    • Step #2 – Turn on the main breaker to the hot tub. Turn the jets off and on several times until the bubbles purge out of the lines and the hot tub is running. It will heat to the default of 100F.
    • Step #3 – add one full bottle of ELIMINATE to the circulating hot tub, and wait 15 minutes. See bottle for details.
    • Step #4 – Test the pH with your test kit to ensure it is from 7.2 to 7.8 ppm. Balance pH, Total Alkalinity (TA), and Calcium Hardness with your balancing tote. (pH MINUS, pH PLUS, PROTECT, RESIST)
    • Step #5 – Add 20 grams (approx. 1 tbsp.) of CARE FREE BOOST to the center of the circulating hot tub — wait 15 minutes before proceeding.
    • Step #6 – Add 75 grams of CARE FREE™ to the skimmer with circulation system running.
    • Step #7 – Test your water for pH, TA, sanitizer and adjust parameters if necessary.

    Voila! Crystal clear, healthy water for you and your friends and family to enjoy all-year long!

    Where to get everything you need? Beachcomber’s Water Care options include everything you need to achieve and maintain the healthiest, cleanest water! 

    Drain & Fill



  • Microfilter Kit by Beachcomber

    Microfilter Kit by Beachcomber

    Looking for a simple way to preserve clean and clear water? Try out our new Microfilter Kit. 

    This kit provides you with everything you need to maintain clear water throughout the winter months.

    Hot Tub Microfilter Kit Includes:


    This is an extremely important kit because of how vital a proper filtration system is to maintaining clear water. Clean microfilters don’t just ensure clean and clear hot tub water, but also healthier water, better circulation, lower sanitizer consumption and overall better performance.

    Our Beachcomber Microfliter Kit contains everything you need to keep it your water and filter clean. This will in-turn improve it filtration performance and enhance your water clarity.

    Check out this kit as well as all of our other great water care offers on our online store.



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    • Foaming Hot Tub

      Foaming Hot Tub

      While foam is quite common in hot tubs that are used a great deal, having an excess amount of it is something that should be dealt with. Foam is created by dissolved solids in your hot tub water. These solids will include laundry detergent, deodorant, lotions, makeup, etc. Utilizing too much water care products will also cause your water to foam up.

      While there are several ways to prevent solids from arriving in your hot tub, the easiest way is to simply shower before entering the water. Showering will flush all of the chemicals and waste off your skin and block it from getting into your hot tub water.

      Removing Hot Tub Foam

      Once your hot tub starts foaming, here are some steps to take to clear up the water:

      1. Test your water. This is an important guiding step to take. Make sure all of your sanitizers, alkalinity and pH are balanced. Also, double-check your TDS levels. If one of these levels are unbalanced or your TDS levels are extremely high, it could be time for you to drain and re-fill your tub.
      1. Scoop out the foam. Most occurrences of excess foaming can be resolved by simply removing the foam and assuring that your chemical levels are correct.
      1. Replace or thoroughly clean your filter. This will prevent the water from creating more foam.
      1. Shock your tub with your sanitizer system. We suggest doing it with Chlorine, however people have seen success from doing it with non-chlorine sanitizers. While shocking, run your jets on high and have your cover half open to vent out the gases.
      2. Using “Foam Free” will help suppress some of the foam.


      We typically recommend Hot Tubs are drained and filled approximately every 3-4 months and this may be a sign you are nearing this interval.  You can also help prevent hot tub foam by routinely using an oxidizer after each use and utilizing a floating oil absorber, such as a “Hydro Mop” and adding an enzyme product such as “Purezyme” which naturally breaks down the biofilms which contribute to foam.

      If you have fresh water and are experience foaming, it could be a result of low calcium hardness.  Low calcium levels (which can also damage equipment) will decrease surface tension in the water and allow for excessive suds.  To prevent this issue, take a water sample to your local Beachcomber Hot Tubs dealer to analyze and balance water including calcium hardness level.  If low, use “Protect” calcium increaser.

      Beachcomber Hot Tip: Asking people to restrain from dunking their heads under water is a great way to slow down the increase of dissolved solids. Also, having a Beachcomber Heatshield will help keep natural dissolved solids out of the water, as well as keep your heating costs down.

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