• End of Daylight Savings: Preparing for Winter!

    End of Daylight Savings: Preparing for Winter!

    When the clocks roll back this Sunday, we’ll gain an hour of sleep. While this may seem like a bonus, parents can attest to the fact that helping children to adjust to the change can be tricky. With kids who have difficulty adjusting to changes in routine, the best method may be to start to prepare in the week leading up to the time change, by pushing bedtimes, wake times, and nap times back 10-15 minutes at a time every few days. Beyond that, there are some steps you can take as a family that will ease everybody into the darker (cozier!) months of winter.

    Try these tips to beat daylight savings fatigue:


    Fight the Light

    For the initial adjustment period, consider investing in blackout curtains to block the extra light in the mornings. Make sure the window coverings in your child’s room are drawn tight, as children can be particularly sensitive to light and have a hard time resting through the extra hour of light.


    Tire Them Out

    This is where the struggle of adjustment can be fun! Because bedtime will feel like it’s an hour too late, your family’s evening routine might be more difficult. If you wear your kids out with plenty of physical activity in the late afternoon following Daylight Savings, they’ll be less resistant to bedtime and quicker to fall asleep when it rolls around. With temperatures cooling down and the sun setting earlier, outdoor playtime may be harder to come by. But indoor versions can be just as fun and can involve the whole family more than when the kids are outside on their own. Playing tag in the basement before dinner time for example, can ensure some extra energy exertion, as can trying an instructional yoga video together in the living room.


    Soak it Away

    The absolute best segue from your indoor yoga attempts, is a soak in your Beachcomber! Whether you choose to do this after physical activity, as a way to calm your muscles, or right before bedtime as a way to relax before sleep, the calming effect of hydrotherapy can help you achieve a deeper and more restful sleep. The caveat with using physical activity to wear out your kids is making sure that you cap it off at least 30 minutes before bedtime, as your child’s mind and body will be in active mode before bed otherwise. The calming warmth of swirling hot tub water can make it easier for that active mode to fade. And everyone will benefit from sharing family time in your Beachcomber!


  • Beat Daylight Savings Time!

    Beat Daylight Savings Time!

    Getting up for work in the morning is never easy, and the Spring Daylight Savings is the ultimate test. Sleep is your brain and body’s way of preparing for tomorrow, and has a far bigger impact than just energizing us. A good night’s sleep conditions our ability to learn, problem solve, and make smart decisions.

    In a perfect world, we would all get 8 to 10 hours of uninterrupted deep sleep every night, but that’s not the reality for most of us juggling jobs, families, and social lives. On top of that, minus an hour this Sunday morning, and you can feel like you’re playing catch up on sleep for the rest of the week.

    Instead of trying to combat this with the use of potentially harmful sleeping aids, you can handle it naturally!


    A proven remedy for insufficient quality of sleep is hot tub hydrotherapy.


    How It Works

    Immersing your body into hot water prompts a deep feeling of relaxation and an increase in body temperature. This sensation improves your circulation and helps your body release endorphins that allow you to relax and fall asleep not only faster but also sleep through the night soundly.


    So next time you want to watch late-night television, think about the benefits of clearing your body and mind in a Beachcomber Hot Tub before bed instead. It will help you overcome that hour of sleep lost, and then some!

  • Best Times for Hot Tub Soaking

    Best Times for Hot Tub Soaking

    Let’s say you’re considering investing in a Beachcomber, or you have one already, and it beckons to you from your backyard or patio. Maybe you look longingly back in its direction, but wonder how you’ll squeeze a soak into your busy week?

    Here are five suggestions for the best times to soak in your hot tub:


    1. Post workout

    Recent research into heat adaptation suggests that hot baths might actually boost performance in addition to soothing sore muscles. Consistent exercise in hot conditions is tied to a long-term drop in core body temperature. This in turn results in an increased sweat rate and production of a greater volume of blood plasma – all of which will enhance your ability to perform in the heat. Pair this heat adaptation tactic with consistent post-workout hot tub soaking, for the closest thing to human rocket fuel.


    1. Before bed

    The relaxing effects of spending 20 to 30 minutes in warm water before bed shortens the time it takes to fall asleep, and encourages deeper slumber for a more restorative night.

    According to a study by the New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center, your core body temperature dips naturally at night, beginning two hours before sleep. Soaking in a hot tub for 20 to 30 minutes causes a rise in body temperature, and intensifies the rapid cool-down period that follows, which results in a strong relaxation effect and deeper sleep.


    1. While fighting cold & flu symptoms

    One of the most common reasons for a lingering cough is a build-up of mucus in the throat. The steam of a hot tub can dry out this mucus, as well as alleviate flu symptoms. While you may be tempted to cocoon on the couch with your tissues when sick, a 10-15 minute hot soak can make you feel immensely better and support the immune system fight!


    1. During an at-home spa session

    Skin is most receptive to treatment and healing when it’s warm and pores are open. The cleansing and disinfecting effects of hot water make a hot tub soak a critical part of any pampering. And the convenience of a hot tub in your backyard means that you just need to whip together a face scrub concoction for a post-soak mask, for a spa experience without the hefty price tag of a professional facial.

    To prevent any dryness from over-soaking, make sure to take a quick shower upon leaving your hot tub to remove any excess chlorine, and apply moisturizer for extra softening.


    1. For game night

    If you’re hosting friends to watch the game, consider simplifying your hosting duties by taking your party outside and inviting everyone into the hot tub instead. You can skip all the fuss of cooking an indoor meal: simply set up your TV outside, and prep some easy to BBQ fare in advance, to grill at halftime. For that extra touch, surprise your guests with robes in the team colours!

    There’s no better place to be to celebrate a team victory than in hot tub bubbles. Alternately, in the unlikely event of a tough loss, you can soak your sorrows away.

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