• Standing behind our Hot Tub Covers

    Standing behind our Hot Tub Covers

    Beachcomber is proud to sell the highest quality hot tub covers in the world. Being an environmentally conscious company, we have assured that our branded heatshields complement our energy efficient hot tubs. They’re built to lock in heat and steam to prevent energy from escaping.

    The key element of our heatshield cover is the insulation. Its high density inner foam is perfectly designed to trap steam, while the vacuum fit corners seal the edges. This is just part of what creates the eco-design of our heatshields.

    The Difference of a Beachcomber Hot Tub Cover

    What makes our hot tub covers the best in the industry:

    • High density foam inner with a R-Factor of 14.14 per inch
    • Bonded Poly Thread that resists moisture, mildew and UV rays
    • Corrosion Proof Nylon Zipper with protective flap
    • 15 oz Double-Ply Laminated Bottom Liner to maintain strength and durability
    • Child Resistant Lock Down Straps
    • Tapered Cover Design which ensures water and snow run-off
    • Laminate Reinforced Hinge with 4 layers
    • Hademade in Canada
    • Two Year Factory Guarantee


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