• Hot Tub Flow Issues 101

    Hot Tub Flow Issues 101

    Flow issues are one of the main issues that many hot tub owners suffer with. It’s also one of the most frustrating issues an owner can face.

    There are a few easy ways to combat these issues without calling and paying a professional to come and look at your tub. Beachcomber hot tub parts are the highest quality in the spa industry, so it is very unlikely that they’ll have any issues.

    Fixing Hot tub Flow Problems

    Manage Water Level

    Low water levels are an often overlooked issue that can cause major flow issues. The remedy for this issue isn’t just adding more water. Along with adding water, you must make sure that your skimmer is free of debris that is blocking the flow of water.


    Maintain your Pump

    Maintaining your hot tub pump is another key aspect of dealing with water flow issues. If your pump is running slowly or without enough power, it’s best to check the voltage of it. If there’s voltage you may have to repair the pump, however if you don’t get see any voltage you may have a more serious electrical issue.


    Inspect Jets

    Sometimes you’ll notice that some of your hot tub jets have good flow and some of them don’t. If this is the case, you need to check for worn seals and debris that could be blocking the flow. If this is happening through all of your jets, you may have broken gate valves. Also, check the wet end of your pump to see if something is blocking the water flow or a broken propeller.


    Clean your Filter

    Dirty or old filters will cause water flow issues by allowing large pieces of debris to get stuck in the plumbing or motor. On top of this, an old filter will produce debris which will actually clog your plumbing.


    Try these methods and if none of them help you, be sure to call a technician to come look at your hot tub.

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