• Hot Tubbing Dos & Don’ts

    Hot Tubbing Dos & Don’ts

    With the chillier fall weather back in the air, kids back in school, and long vacation days of summer behind you, it’s a time many of our owners tell us when they get the most frequent use from their Beachcomber Hot Tub.

    More time spent enjoying the hot tub shouldn’t mean more time spent maintaining the water and mechanics. That’s why it’s important to follow a few simple rules when it comes to hot tubbing, that will keep your water sparkling, even under frequent use.

    Hot Tub Etiquette Checklist:

    Do: Shower Before

    You always see signs posted at public pools and hot tubs asking you to shower before entering, and might be wondering, is that really necessary? The short answer is yes. Even a one minute shower can heavily reduce oil, dead skin, and dirt that you might not realize you’ve picked up throughout the day. By reducing the amount of contaminants on your person, you reduce the risk of them entering your hot tub water and adding maintenance to keep it balanced. Another little known fact is that showering before can also reduce that chlorine smell that many people associate with pools and spas. Chlorine only produces that familiar smell when oxidizing contaminants.

    Don’t: Bring Food

    While a snack in a hot tub might sound fun, we discourage this for a number of reasons. First, your health. Remember when your mom told you not to go swimming until 30 minutes after eating? Entering the water speeds up your blood flow, and can cause discomfort if you are in the middle of digesting a heavy meal. The second and more obvious reason to avoid eating in a hot tub is the crumbs that inevitably end up in the water, quickly dirtying the hot tub.

    Do: Keep A Clean Swimsuit Handy

    Just like showering before a hot tub removes the contaminants on your body, keeping a clean swimsuit will keep you covered, without covering your hot tub with added dirt and debris. Give your swimsuit a rinse after use, or if you have an outdoor shower, take a quick dip under in your trunks before slipping into your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

    Don’t: Use Glassware

    While glassware is an absolute no-go around a hot tub, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t’ keep water handy. It’s extremely important to stay hydrated before, during, and after a hot tub soak, as the process of hydrotherapy naturally heats up your body and leaves it more dehydrated. That’s why the second you bring home a hot tub, the first follow-up purchase you should make is plastic water glasses and bottles that are safe to use around your Beachcomber. While grabbing the nearest kitchen glass might seem harmless, a hot tub a slippery environment, and losing your grip on glassware can be extremely dangerous and costly in a hot tub.

  • Hot Tub Etiquette 101

    Hot Tub Etiquette 101

    With the summer months heating up, it’s the perfect time to throw your next backyard party – and there’s no better centrepiece than your Beachcomber Hot Tub! To keep everything as fun as possible, and to ensure you’re not spending extra time treating and balancing the water, here’s a few tips on hot tub etiquette:


    The Do’s and Don’ts of hot tub soaking.


    Shower Before Soaking 

    One way to prolong the life of your hot tub water is to take a short shower before jumping into your hot tub. Even a 1 minute shower can heavily reduce oil, dead skin, and dirt present on your body. By reducing the amount of contaminants in your hot tub water, you can keep your hot tub cleaner for much longer and reduce the amount of water care needed.

    Along with prolonging your water, showering before bathing can also reduce the chlorine smell. Chlorine only produces that familiar smell when oxidizing contaminants. So by showering, the chlorine won’t have to work as hard, meaning it won’t produce nearly as much of a smell.


    Take Turns In Different Seats

    Guests seated in different areas of the hot tub will experience difference sensations from the hot tub jets. Encourage everyone to move around so that each guest has an opportunity to experience the various muscle relaxing and circulation enhancing benefits of your hot tub.


    Encourage Everyone To B.Y.O.T. (Or Prepare Ahead)

    Particularly when entertaining, there’s nothing worse than jumping out of the hot tub only to discover you don’t have enough towels for everyone. Make sure that you either let your guests know to bring their own, or to have a fresh stack handy!


    No Cannonballs 

    It’s important to remember this isn’t a pool. You should be clear for all bathers, that the only way to enter and exit the hot tub is using the steps. It’s also smart to keep an extra towel on hand to make sure the steps stay dry.


    Make It A Human-Only Zone

    Everyone might get a laugh out of a picture you post of your dog enjoying a hot tub soak, but for the sake of everyone involved, it’s best to keep your four-legged friends outside of the water. The shedding of fur can clog the filter, as well as the added bacteria of an animal can greatly reduce the quality and lifespan of your water. Because dogs don’t sweat, they could be at high-risk for over-heating quickly in a hot tub as well.


    Save The Buffet Until After You’re Dry 

    While it might seem fun and decadent to have a have floating tray of food and snacks for your bathers to enjoy, we would encourage you to avoid this for a couple of reasons. For health reasons, your blood flow is already in overdrive as you sit in the warm water and diverting this to digestion can interrupt the fun of the soak. Second, food crumbs and oils can greatly contaminate the water and cause issues in your filter. Therefore, try to keep the snacks on the table, to be enjoyed after you’ve had a nice hot tub session with friends.

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