• The healthiest, cleanest hot tub water imaginable!

    The healthiest, cleanest hot tub water imaginable!

    If you’ve ever thought about owning a hot tub, maintenance is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. The reality is that owning and operating a Beachcomber Hot tub is easier than ever before.

    Thanks to our Care Free™ water care system, the healthiest water imaginable is an absolute breeze to maintain. 

    What is Care Free™ Water Care?

    Care Free™ is the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. Beachcomber’s Care Free™ products have been engineered specifically for your Beachcomber Hot Tub to create an extraordinary experience every time your step into your backyard spa oasis.

    Blended with multi-functioning purpose in mind, Care Free™ treats your water so it’s fresh and crystal clear without all the harsh chemicals. Care Free™ replaces traditional water care products such as sequesterants, water clarifiers and calcium increasers; making it safer for your family and the environment while saving you money!

    It is designed to use in conjunction with the Care Free Boost sanitizer. Care Free™ is perfect for the regular hot tub user who appreciates the efficiency of blending all the ingredients you need into one great product and loves hot tubing in crystal clear water.

    Starting up your hot tub using Care Free™

    Based on a hot tub volume of 1000 litres
    • Step #1 – Once your hot tub is filled with water, ensure that the knife valves in the equipment area are in the open position to allow water to flow. Ensure that the bottom drain valve is closed.
    • Step #2 – Turn on the main breaker to the hot tub. Turn the jets off and on several times until the bubbles purge out of the lines and the hot tub is running. It will heat to the default of 100F.
    • Step #3 – add one full bottle of ELIMINATE to the circulating hot tub, and wait 15 minutes. See bottle for details.
    • Step #4 – Test the pH with your test kit to ensure it is from 7.2 to 7.8 ppm. Balance pH, Total Alkalinity (TA), and Calcium Hardness with your balancing tote. (pH MINUS, pH PLUS, PROTECT, RESIST)
    • Step #5 – Add 20 grams (approx. 1 tbsp.) of CARE FREE BOOST to the center of the circulating hot tub — wait 15 minutes before proceeding.
    • Step #6 – Add 75 grams of CARE FREE™ to the skimmer with circulation system running.
    • Step #7 – Test your water for pH, TA, sanitizer and adjust parameters if necessary.

    Voila! Crystal clear, healthy water for you and your friends and family to enjoy all-year long!

    Where to get everything you need? Beachcomber’s Water Care options include everything you need to achieve and maintain the healthiest, cleanest water! 

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  • How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

    How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

    When you picture your life with a hot tub, you probably are thinking about the enjoyment in relaxing after a long day at the office, throwing a party with friends, or connecting with your family and spouse. At the back of your mind though, is always that concern about the maintenance and cleaning requirements, right?

    Let’s just start by saying yes. Yes, there absolutely is added time and money that goes into owning a hot tub, but thanks to modern innovations found inside every Beachcomber it’s never been less than it is today.

    That’s also why Beachcomber created the ClearTech UVC Water Care System – engineered to significantly reduce the amount of traditional water products you need to use in your tub and the time it takes to keep your water balanced.

    UV Hot Tub Water Care

    How Does It Work?
    The Cleartech UVC System harnesses the power of UV light to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, and algae in your water as it is filters through the tub’s plumbing. This system is fully compatible with chlorine-based water care products, and it can help reduce their consumption by up to 50%. It’s also environmentally-friendly and produces no chemicals or harmful by-products.

    How  Does It Help?
    Although the ClearTech UVC System does not totally eliminate the need for water care products, it keeps your water clean and healthy for way longer periods with way less maintenance. It will also help get rid of the smell from chloramines.

    So don’t let the small amount of necessary hot tub maintenance get in the way of owning and enjoying your Beachcomber! By investing into a UVC System and taking the small amount of time each week for regular maintenance, your hot tub will always be ready and waiting for relaxation, fun, stress relief, and romance.

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