• Prepping Your Hot Tub Water For A Summer Party

    Prepping Your Hot Tub Water For A Summer Party

    Any time you’re preparing for a period of heavy use of your hot tub, it’s always good to give your water a refresh. Draining and re-filling your hot tub is a practice you should follow at least 3-4 times a year, and if you’ve got plans this summer for a backyard blow-out that involves your guests taking a soak inside your Beachcomber, now might be the time.

    Here’s a quick guide to get your hot tub all set for your guests:

    STEP 1: Fill & Condition

    After you’ve drained the tub, ensure the DRAIN & FILL valve is closed and the GUILLOTINE valves are open. Using the FRESH FILL™ pre-filter attached to your garden hose start filling up the hot tub. Once hot tub water is up past the skimmer, you are now safe to turn on the power at the GFCI. Turn on FLEXJET Pump and open air control dials to purge any air out of lines.

    After the hot tub is circulating with all bubbles out of the lines, add ELIMINATE™ to protect your hot tub from corrosion and mineral build-up. Then add a weekly dose of ELIMINATE PLUS™ to sequester metals and prevent staining, PUREZYME™ to prevent scum build-up and PURE BLUE™ to prevent cloudy water and give water a sparkle; Or add a dose of CARE FREE which is Beachcomber’s weekly 4-in-1 conditioner. More on CARE FREE Water Care System™ here. [Linked]

    STEP 2: Heat & Accessorize

    To start your hot tub water for the first time, it’s best to start in the evening to allow the conditioning products the time they need to do their job overnight and make sure everything is set for the arrival of your guests. Once your hot tub is running and circulating it is the perfect time to add or replace your hot tub accessories such as FILTER SAVERS and HYDRO MOP and turn up the heat so you and your family and friends can be soaking away blissfully in a few short hours. The hot tub will begin to heat to your pre-set temperature or 100F (38° C) as a factory pre-set temperature. For extra comfortable silky smooth water, add a dose of SOFT™ to your water, your friends and family will notice, particularly if anyone is prone to dry skin issues.

    STEP 3: Balance & Sanitize

    Nothing is more important that testing your hot tub water and ensuring everything is perfectly balanced for bather comfort, water care product efficiency and hot tub equipment longevity. Use your Beachcomber test strips to determine your water care balance requirements.

    Add your Sanitizer/Oxidizer (Cl) or (Br) – 3 – 5 ppm – Use a Beachcomber BOOST or BLAST product. Refer to the sanitizer/oxidizer program that you are using for your hot tub, treat the water by distributing your oxidizer directly into the circulating heated water, and wait 15 minutes for the relaxation to commence.

    STEP 4: Ensure Everything is Looking It’s Best

    While you are preparing your hot tub water, now is also the perfect time to ensure that your Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ is also looking it’s best! Nobody wants to see a dirty, or worse smelly, hot tub cover, and while our patented HEATSHIELD™ products have been made to withstand the elements and test of time, they also need a little love. For the perfect results, prepare the exterior cover surface by cleaning dirt and grim off with a mixture of warm water and a very mild detergent. Thoroughly rinse and allow to dry. Spray Beachcomber’s COVER CARE generously over entire exterior surface until wet. Wait 30 seconds, then wipe, dry, and buff!

    STEP 5: Add Some Party Favors!

    To add more fun to the backyard party, check out a few of our favourite hot tub accessories that are perfect for a summertime get together!

  • Hot Tub Water Care 101

    Hot Tub Water Care 101

    Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or a long-time Beachcomber owner, the experience of having a hot tub in your home is something that always brings a ton of excitement. It’s also one that comes with a certain level of responsibility. Maintaining high-quality, clear hot tub water is something that everyone wants, and makes lying back and enjoying the benefits of a Beachcomber an unforgettable experience for your family and guests.

    This maintenance is something that gets a lot of attention from prospective buyers. We often hear ‘how difficult is it really to keep hot tub water safe & balanced’ as one of their first questions as they weigh whether to make a purchase.

    The reality today is that hot tub water care has never been easier or less time consuming – just taking a few minutes per week – as long as you subscribe to a treatment program that meets the needs of you and your family.

    Choosing the right water program comes down to asking yourself a few key questions:

    • How important is having an easy to follow program?
    • Is lessening the amount of ‘chemicals’ required for safe, clear, clean water, a priority?
    • Are you planning to use your hot tub frequently?
    • Is dry skin a concern for a member of the household?

    If the answer is yes to any or all of the above, Beachcomber has the perfect system for you: CARE FREE

    Here’s Why:

    This easy to use 4-in-1 water care system does away with a host of conditioning products by integrating water clarifiers, enzyme biofilm disruptors, metal sequestering agents, and multi-oxidizing components into a single two product system: CARE FREE + CARE FREE BOOST™.

    With 4 conditioning products, all available within a single bottle of CARE FREE, you cut down on cost and the number of products you need to achieve the best results.

    How It Works:

    • When starting up your hot tub, follow the instructions here.
    • For on-going maintenance, use 74g of CARE FREE per 1000 L of water once a week for typical hot tub usage. Allow to circulate for at least 15 minutes before you enter the water.
    • After each use, add a little CARE FREE BOOST™ sanitizer to ensure the cleanest, healthiest water.


    If you’re heading away for a few days:

    Adding CHLOR DISCS™ to your CARE FREE program will ensure a sanitizer residual is maintained when your hot tub is not in use and prevents you from having to recover from a cloudy hot tub when you’ve been away. So take your holiday, without having to worry about a drain & fill when you return!

    What about sensitive skin?  

    Beachcomber’s SOFT™ is a natural boron salt that moisturizes your skin and makes the water silky and just very pleasant to be in.  SOFT™ is optimized for the CARE FREE water care system and universally compatible with all water care systems. Add a little in, and you’ll be able to feel the effects as you soak!

    So remember, CARE FREE is perfect for avid hot tub users as you need only add CARE FREE once a week and a little CARE FREE BOOST™ after each hot tub use.

    Where to get everything you need? Beachcomber’s Water Care options have you covered! 

    Drain & Fill

  • How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

    How To Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

    When you picture your life with a hot tub, you probably are thinking about the enjoyment in relaxing after a long day at the office, throwing a party with friends, or connecting with your family and spouse. At the back of your mind though, is always that concern about the maintenance and cleaning requirements, right?

    Let’s just start by saying yes. Yes, there absolutely is added time and money that goes into owning a hot tub, but thanks to modern innovations found inside every Beachcomber it’s never been less than it is today.

    That’s also why Beachcomber created the ClearTech UVC Water Care System – engineered to significantly reduce the amount of traditional water products you need to use in your tub and the time it takes to keep your water balanced.

    UV Hot Tub Water Care

    How Does It Work?
    The Cleartech UVC System harnesses the power of UV light to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria, viruses, micro-organisms, and algae in your water as it is filters through the tub’s plumbing. This system is fully compatible with chlorine-based water care products, and it can help reduce their consumption by up to 50%. It’s also environmentally-friendly and produces no chemicals or harmful by-products.

    How  Does It Help?
    Although the ClearTech UVC System does not totally eliminate the need for water care products, it keeps your water clean and healthy for way longer periods with way less maintenance. It will also help get rid of the smell from chloramines.

    So don’t let the small amount of necessary hot tub maintenance get in the way of owning and enjoying your Beachcomber! By investing into a UVC System and taking the small amount of time each week for regular maintenance, your hot tub will always be ready and waiting for relaxation, fun, stress relief, and romance.

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