• Building A Path To Your Hot Tub

    Building A Path To Your Hot Tub

    A hot tub is a must-have for any homeowner looking to create an oasis for relaxing and entertaining right in the comfort of their own backyard.

    Something we always stress to new buyers is the importance of placement when it comes to installing their outdoor hot tub. A hot tub is meant to be enjoyed daily, and to get the most use out of it 365 days a year, it needs to installed in a location that is convenient to access, and close to a doorway into the home.

    Creating a Pathway To Your Hot Tub

    Creating a pathway that leads from your house to the hot tub is not only critical for the safety and use of your spa at any time during the day or evening, it’s also important for ensuring the health of the water.

    Drudging through muddy grass or snow before entering into your hot tub will dirty the water faster, and increase the amount of time you spend on maintenance. That’s why we recommend including materials like brick, concrete or paving stones, as quick, clean solutions for connecting your home to your spa.

    And don’t just think about day time use! Add illuminating lighting to your steps and walkways to ensure easy access in the evening and night. We recommend using a mix of lighting sources, with solar-powered and low voltage lights intermixed with the utility focused path lighting, to create ambience and interest to the surrounding landscape as you highlight pathways.

    If you ever have any questions about hot tub installation or backyard design tips, please drop by your closest Beachcomber location and speak with one of our Hot Tub Experts.

  • Backyard Landscaping: Is Brick The Right Fit?

    Backyard Landscaping: Is Brick The Right Fit?

    A Beachcomber Hot Tub, in any backyard, makes a bold statement. As new owners look to transform their backyard space into the perfect oasis for enjoying time in and around their hot tub, we are often asked about what building materials to look to as an easy, durable landscaping solution.


    Landscaping solutions to consider for your hot tub

    While concrete slabs work great as a solid support that can carry the weight of your spa, also look to classic brick for constructing a modern, low maintenance deck design.

    Brick has the advantage of not losing colour over time and does not require much in terms of maintenance. Bricks are so durable in fact, they do not even require a sealer and can last for decades with minimal need for maintenance.

    While the initial cost is higher for brick than concrete, its durability, and strength, along with its ability to blend with your backyard landscaping and add more visual interest, make it a great option for adding character to your yard.

    Brick, like all durable modular paving, can be reset if the pavers become unevenly settled, and the best way to ensure your brick stays level for many years to is to create a great foundation and set the paving.

    When you look to incorporate brick into your backyard landscaping, we recommend blending it with wood elements. This mix of the more industrial, stone look, with the natural warmth of wood, offers the perfect way to create a stunning, long-lasting outdoor space. Combine colourful plants and outdoor furniture, to help it pop with personality.

    Some of the most popular bricking patterns we can recommend include:

    • Running bond:The simplest pattern and the easiest to lay in place; typical running lines with offset joints are great for making clean pattern lines in rectangular spaces.
    • Basketweave:This pattern has pairs of bricks set at 90 degrees to each other; it’s a great pattern for patios and a nice way to mix up the simple running bond.
    • Herringbone, 45 degrees or 90 degrees:Great for driveways because of its stability under heavy loads.

    For more design inspiration, check out this article on “How To Landscape Around Your Hot Tub”.

  • A Tropical Backyard Paradise in Canada?

    A Tropical Backyard Paradise in Canada?

    With huge leaves, bright colours, and exotic foliage, there’s nothing that feels like paradise quite like a tropical botanical oasis. But how can your bring the flavours of the Caribbean into your backyard in Canada?

    By doing a little research, you’ll soon discover there are actually a number of deceptively durable hearty winter plants that will easily achieve the tropical look, while surviving the winter chill. These can be the perfect accent to landscape around your Beachcomber Hot Tub, and turn a quick dip just outside your backdoor into an exotic vacation getaway – each and every day!


    Choosing the best tropical themed plants to landscape around your hot tub.



    Different bamboo variants are super easy to grow in cool climates. And grow they do! While you will likely encounter some extra maintenance in keeping the plants in check, adding bamboo is a great way to create a thick wall of foliage that will give your hot tub privacy from the neighbours and add a distinctively exotic flare to your backyard landscape.


    While a palm tree most likely triggers visions of the California coast or Hawaiian Islands, Windmill Palms are actually extremely well suited for living in colder climates, even those that reach well below freezing. This palm is native to China and the high mountains of The Himalayas, and are much heartier than the kinds you’ll encounter down south. So plant a palm and bring the island life to you!

    Canna Lilies 

    Canna lilies are probably one of the easiest and most effective tropical plants you can grow. These are extremely durable in both pots and flowerbeds, and with a little winterization mulching, they’ll prosper for years to come. With heights reaching over 5 feet, and vibrant shades of red and purple flowers, they are the perfect way to create a vibrant oasis around your Beachcomber.

    Banana Trees

    When you think Banana Trees, you think tropical island living. There are a number of smaller variations that are ideal for backyards, with the “Musa Basjoo” species, the perfect winter-ready addition to your backyard. They have reached popularity in recent years across Canada and continue to prosper throughout the whole year.

    Japanese Silver Grass

    Adding some drama to your landscape, a planting of this ornamental grass is a great way to add movement and a tropical flare to your garden. Very gifted, these grasses are easy to grow, wonderful in winter, and are generally pest and disease free, requiring extremely little maintenance.

  • Does Your Hot Tub Need A Pergola?

    Does Your Hot Tub Need A Pergola?

    When you invest in a hot tub, you want to ensure you have the perfect setting in your backyard to enjoy it. To really make your hot tub the star of your home, adding a pergola might be an investment you should consider making.

    Consider pairing a pergola with your hot tub.


    To start, these architectural designs can make an impressive statement. A pergola creates a visual focal point and can help you anchor the space. It also allows you to blend in natural elements by adding vines and plants throughout. You can also add water resistant fabric or a thin clear plastic roof for further protection against the elements. This way you are able to ensure you will be getting maximum year-round usage of your hot tub, in any weather conditions.


    Other advantages of this installation over open patios is that added privacy from the neighbours. There’s nothing worse than jumping into your hot tub to relax or enjoy quality time with your loved ones, only to be staring right at the people next door. Depending on the style of pergola you choose, and the plants you add along the sides, you can create an oasis that is protected from unwanted onlookers.


    If you are planning on hosting parties in the backyard, this can also add extra space for seating and lounging outside of the hot tub, as well as additional storage for supplies and towels.


    When pairing a pergola with your hot tub and your home, try to find one that aesthetically compliments the design, to achieve a unified look. Check out more easy ways on how to landscape around a hot tub and be sure to ask your local dealers on how to find a design that best compliments the functionality and visual style of your space.

  • How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Everyday Vacation Spot

    How To Turn Your Backyard Into An Everyday Vacation Spot

    Warm weather, a change of scenery, and a few days to relax – there’s a reason we wait all year for a vacation! But with so much build up, it’s often hard for family vacations to live up to all the hype.

    According to a 2013 American Express Survey, the average vacation for a family of four in the United States costs $4,580! Skip ahead to 2017, and the cost is only going up.

    That’s a ton of money to spend, and while vacations are an important way to bring your family closer together, they only last for a short period of time before you settle back into your daily routine. That’s why a growing number of people are taking steps to make their own backyards as exciting and luxurious as any tropical vacation destination. Creating a backyard oasis featuring a hot tub can create enjoyment for the whole family for years and years.

    Here’s Why You Might Want To Consider Investing In A Hot Tub Instead: 


    Avoid The Stress Of Travel

    Escalating costs due to hidden fees, duties and taxes more often than not result in our travel budgets going out the window, no matter how well thought out your trip might be. The stress of travelling with children and with connecting flights can take the fun out of any vacation, even once you’ve arrived. By installing a hot tub and dressing up your backyard, you’ll be able to get the benefits of relaxation you anticipate at your destination, without having to go anyway at all!

    77% of hot tub owners see their hot tub as one of the few places they are able to de-stress.

    Year-Round Enjoyment

    Spending more quality time with your family at home is proven to enhance your physical and mental well-being and give you the opportunity to re-connect with your loved ones. Adding a hot tub to your backyard is the kind of investment that will provide this enjoyment and bonding year-round, instead of just for a week or two.When planning out your backyard oasis, no matter the size, try to carve out different activity zones within the space so that you are able to lounge, dine, and enjoy the natural surroundings as much as possible.


    Investing Rather Than Spending

    Installing a hot tub is one home improvement that can pay for itself. Not only does it help you reconnect as a family, but it also adds value to your home. Building out more outdoor spaces to entertain and connect can also add to your home’s market value, including an outdoor kitchen space and covered gazebos that you can use as outdoor living rooms.

    Other amenities that can layer on the ambiance include fountains, fire pits, and durable all season furnishings.



    Voila! Your next destination is only a few steps outside your back-door!

    Find The Perfect Beachcomber For You!

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