• How To Upgrade Your Hot Tub

    How To Upgrade Your Hot Tub

    With all the hot tub models available on the market, selecting the right option takes time, thought, and a lot of back-and-forth as you weigh what’s available, and what’s really right for you. What you might not realize is that the hot tubs you see in the showroom floor don’t always tell the full story.

    At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, we offer a line-up of 20 models, from our executive SLB range to our more affordable 300 series hot tubs. But that doesn’t mean you just have 20 options to choose from though. Just like when you enter a car dealership, once you decide on the right model, it’s time to tailor-make your hot tub so that it’s perfect for you!

    Some of these choices are easier than others. Choosing the acrylic colour you like and the hot tub cabinetry for instance. But some other options will cost you extra, which means it’s time to weigh the cost of the investment.

    How To Choose Upgrades For Your Hot Tub

    Below are a few of our most popular add-on features. Think about whether they’re the right fit for you!

    Wireless Surround Sound

    Soaking in a hot tub can be an incredibly therapeutic sensory experience. It can also be the perfect place to unwind and enjoy time with family and friends. Nothing enhances either of these experiences like the perfect soundtrack or calming ambient sounds to soothe and relax to.

    Pros: A great way to wirelessly connect music directly into your hot tub, with incredible sound quality that will greatly add to your enjoyment.

    Cons: if you live in a densely populated area with concern for noise and disturbing your neighbours, you might get less use than you would hope for.

    Ambient LED Lighting

    While all of our hot tub models come standard with interior and control panel LED lighting, we also offer a number of enhanced lighting packages for both the inside and outside of your hot tub model to add some ambient magic and safety to your nighttime soaks.

    Pros: Lighting features not only provide safety and ease of use for nighttime soaking, they also add natural beauty to your backyard. All of our lighting is LED equipped, so there will be minimal impact on your maintenance costs. 

    Cons: There are a lot of lighting packages to choose from, so be selective as you search to see which options you believe will provide the most benefits. If you don’t plan on using your hot tub at night often, you might want to consider investing in other add-on features instead.

    Water Features

    What you might be thinking…isn’t a hot tub itself a water feature? While you’re not wrong, many models, in addition to jetting, offer fountain and waterfall features.

    Pros: These features not only offer a real crowd-pleaser, they also add utility. Adding in a cascading waterfall feature in your hot tub provides soothing sounds, as well as an added neck massage as you lack back.

    Cons: If you are planning on using your hot tub as a place for group gatherings exclusively, adding in a tranquil water feature for relaxation might not be a priority.

    What if you want it all? You can have it with a Beachcomber!

  • Beachcomber’s Exclusive Bluetooth Surround Sound

    Beachcomber’s Exclusive Bluetooth Surround Sound

    There’s nothing better than the perfect soundtrack to complete the hot tub soaking experience. From transporting yourself to soothing tropical shores with a playlist full of relaxing ambience, to crowd-pleasers that help ignite the perfect backyard party, music can play a huge part in any hot tub set-up.


    Look to a Beachcomber hot tub for a surround sound solution

    Thanks to Beachcomber’s AirConnect technology – currently standard in all Summer Special Edition models – you can personalize your hot tub experience like never before.

    With Bluetooth connectivity, you can plug in your smartphones and music playing devices into the audio jack and listen through a sound system engineered into the walls of the hot tub shell. With rich audio quality, that wraps around the spa, you are able to get incredible sounds even at low volumes. Plus, the integrated Device Storage Bay provides a safe and watertight environment for your digital device.

    So experience our signature sound system, and you can take your Beachcomber Hot Tub experience to the next level with wireless audio and the perfect playlist right from your device into your Beachcomber!

  • Hot Tub Hobbies

    Hot Tub Hobbies

    There’s nothing quite like relaxing with friends and family in your Beachcomber hot tub. It’s a perfect way to spend a warm spring or summer afternoon.

    If you feel like mixing things up however and adding another element of relaxation, fitness, or fun to your next soak, here’s a few ideas to get creative with your hydrotherapy:

    Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Time



    Enjoying a good book is always a great way to relax, however reading while bathing in your hot tub is absolutely serene. Whether you’re interested in relieving stress after a long day of work or just doing it to become engrossed in a great story, reading in your hot tub is a great way to liven up both activities.

    Listening to Music

    Immersing yourself in the comfort of music is a great way to add another level of comfort to your hot tubbing experience. Adding music will help you set the mood for your soak. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or just relaxing with family, the ambience of sound makes every soak better.


    Taking some time for contemplation is a great way to settle your mind and allow your body to relax. By adding meditation to your daily hot tub routine you can lower blood pressure, relieve stress and reset your mind.

    Practicing Yoga

    Hot tub yoga is a great way to relax and can be the perfect way to relieve stiffness and improve flexibility. Incorporating yoga into your hot tub routine calms the mind body and spirit, making it the perfect low impact exercise for those with stress and certain injuries. Before beginning practicing hot tub yoga, please consult a physician to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Please do not attempt these poses if you have a history of heart disease, dehydration or heatstroke. Always remember to drink plenty of water and stop if you feel dizzy. We even have a Hot Tub Yoga Series available to follow!


    We often hear about the benefits of jumping in a hot tub before and after a workout, but what about working out while bathing in a hot tub? Light stretching and exercise while soaking in your Beachcomber can help you extend and accelerate your workouts. Learn more on the benefits of working out in a hot tub.

  • Do You Need A Lounger In Your Hot Tub?

    Do You Need A Lounger In Your Hot Tub?

    Decided it might be the right time to add a hot tub to your home? Perfect! Now comes the fun part, finding which tub is the right choice based on all the available options.

    One of the first questions we ask potential owners is what are you most looking forward to getting out of your hot tub? Is it primarily going to be used for entertaining? For you and your spouse? For hydrotherapy?

    Not to say you can’t have one without the other, but it’s important to address your expectations first, in order to find options that align with your needs and interests.

    How Many Hot Tub Seats Do You Need?

    One sticking point that often comes up is the number of seats available inside, which brings us to a question that many new buyers go back and forth on: to lounge or not to lounge?

    The Lounge Debate:

    A Lounge seat, like the one found in the all-new 730AE Series, is a reclined, full body massager that features targeted hydrotherapy for your neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet – all at once. It can be an unmatched experience when it comes to relaxing and unwinding, and has been meticulously designed by our team to maximize comfort and hydrotherapeutic results.

    So Why Wouldn’t You Want One? 

    Well again…it all comes down to how many seats you really need. When you include a lounger, you’ll likely be giving up an additional seat in the tub, so if entertaining and socializing with family and friends is your priority, it might not be the best option for you.

    It’s also important to come in and test it out yourself in either a wet or dry tub. As this seat has been engineered to target muscle groups across the full-body, it might not meld perfectly with your proportions. We want you to get the best use of your Beachcomber, so it’s important that you test the features and ensure they work well with you and your body.

    Am I Giving Up Hydrotherapy Benefits By Not Having A lounger?

    No. Just because your hot tub doesn’t have a lounger doesn’t mean it won’t meet your hydrotherapy needs. Our 500 and 700 Series models in particular, feature ergonomic contouring and strategic jet placement throughout to ensure that users are able to get the deep tissue, targeted massage relief they are after.

    Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about the Lounge Seat or any of the other features available inside Beachcomber Hot Tubs.


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