• The Importance Of A Quality Hot Tub Cover

    The Importance Of A Quality Hot Tub Cover

    A high-quality hot tub cover not only adds to the look of your hot tub, it is also critical to its performance. Old hot tub covers often become water-logged, making them heavy to move and inefficient in trapping heat in. Once a hot tub cover is no longer easy to move or capable of sealing in heat, it will start costing you more in heating bills, not to mention add to the time you spend maintaining clean and healthy hot tub water.

    Why Invest In A New Hot Tub Cover 

    There are definite quality differences in the range of cover you can buy. A HEATSHIELD™ by Beachcomber is designed by maximum energy efficiency. The key element of our HEATSHIELD™ hot tub covers is that they have 45% more insulating power than standard hot tub covers, and have been designed to lock in your hot tub’s heat and energy – saving you up to $500 per year in heating costs!*

    What makes a HEATSHIELD hot tub cover perform better?

    Heat-Sealed Construction

    Maximize the longevity and performance of your cover with our airtight, heat-seal design that keeps cold air out.

    Durable Against All Elements

    Reinforced light-weight aluminum keeps the structure of your cover looking like new. Mildew, moisture, and UV rays are simply no match against the marine grade vinyl skin!

    Made in Canada

    Every Beachcomber HEATSHIELD™ is proudly made in Canada with quality materials and craftsmanship.

    Two Year Guarantee

    We stand behind our products. This is our commitment to our customers. Our Heatshield will perform as promised.

    So how can you make your HEATSHIELD™ even better?

    There are many reasons why a hot tub cover lifter is regarded as an essential accessory for your Beachcomber Hot Tub. First and foremost, a cover lifter makes it easy for one person to fold the cover back and out of the way. It’s almost effortless.That’s why a hot tub cover lifter really is the key to using and enjoying your hot tub experience on a nightly basis.Remember, a good hot tub cover will conserve heat, save electrical costs and keep dirt and debris out of your hot tub. When it’s in good condition it’s easy to remove, which makes your hot tub experience more relaxing.

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    *Compared to tapered 3” nominal 1 lbs EPS foam cover. Based on typical annual heating costs in the Pacific Northwest

  • Remedy for a Heavy Hot Tub Cover

    Remedy for a Heavy Hot Tub Cover

    Waking up to a heavy, moist hot tub cover is a nuisance. But why is it so prevalent?

    This is a common problem because a lot of hot tub owners are negligent about with the maintenance of their hot tub covers. A good quality Beachcomber heatshield cover should weigh between 50-75 pounds, and be very easy to lift. This problem spawns from having a water logged cover, and there are a couple of reasons why this happens.

    Most of the time this is a symptom of having bad water chemistry. Corrosive water will disintegrate the vapor barrier from around the foam core, this in-turn allows water to get into the core and weigh it down.

    On fewer occasions, a heavy cover is caused by damage in your cover. Once the vapor barrier is cracked or ripped, condensation will build up in the cover and saturate the foam core.

    As soon as you feel any changes in the weight of your Beachcomber hot tub cover, there are a few tips and tricks for fixing a heavy cover.

    Fixing a Heavy Hot Tub Cover


    Replace the Foam Cover

    This is the easiest way to deal with this issue. A replacement foam cover can be bought from most hot tub and spa suppliers. Be sure that when you buy a foam insert you’re very aware of the correct size of your cover.

    You will need to take apart your cover and measure the foam to be sure you replace it with foam that is the same size and thickness.


    Replace your Entire Cover

    If the fabric of your cover is ripped or cracked, buying a whole new cover is sometimes the best way to go. It can sometimes help to bring your ripped cover into a spa dealer to check what they can salvage.


    By simply addressing the problem when it happens, you can save yourself a lot of money and be sure your hot tub is properly taken care of so you and your friends and family can enjoy it whenever you want.

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    • Why does my spa cover smell?

      Why does my spa cover smell?

      Find that there’s a bad smell around your hot tub? Have you cleaned everything around your tub and are still effected by the smell? This smell could be emanating from your hot tub heatshield.

      There are a few common reasons for these smells.

      Uncovering The Hot Tub Cover Smell


      Damaged Heatshield

      Rips and holes in the cover allow moisture to sit and mold to fester. It’s important that you often dry and clean the vinyl of your cover to prevent water from sitting.


      Dirty Cover

      If your hot tub is outside, your cover is being exposed to the elements on a constant basis. This means that rain, wind, dirt and dust are constantly landing on it. Over time, the hot tub cover will become dirty. This dirty and grime combined cold temperatures create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow.


      Check your Water

      Unbalanced water in your hot tub can allow bacteria and other types of schmegma. Once this water is turned into steam and covers the inside of your spa cover, the bacteria can continue to flourish on the cover itself causing the bad smells that make you turn and run.


      Although there are easy ways to get rid of this smell, it’s important that you take specific precautions to assure that your efforts are effective. First, always keep your heatshield clean and free of debris. While simple, this will prevent rips and tears from occurring, as well as keep mold and mildew from growing on your cover.

      If you follow these above precautions, you’ll have a fresh and clean hot tub cover for an extended amount of time.

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      • Standing behind our Hot Tub Covers

        Standing behind our Hot Tub Covers

        Beachcomber is proud to sell the highest quality hot tub covers in the world. Being an environmentally conscious company, we have assured that our branded heatshields complement our energy efficient hot tubs. They’re built to lock in heat and steam to prevent energy from escaping.

        The key element of our heatshield cover is the insulation. Its high density inner foam is perfectly designed to trap steam, while the vacuum fit corners seal the edges. This is just part of what creates the eco-design of our heatshields.

        The Difference of a Beachcomber Hot Tub Cover

        What makes our hot tub covers the best in the industry:

        • High density foam inner with a R-Factor of 14.14 per inch
        • Bonded Poly Thread that resists moisture, mildew and UV rays
        • Corrosion Proof Nylon Zipper with protective flap
        • 15 oz Double-Ply Laminated Bottom Liner to maintain strength and durability
        • Child Resistant Lock Down Straps
        • Tapered Cover Design which ensures water and snow run-off
        • Laminate Reinforced Hinge with 4 layers
        • Hademade in Canada
        • Two Year Factory Guarantee


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