• Hot Tub Heater Problems 101

    Hot Tub Heater Problems 101

    A hot tub with heater issues is extremely bothersome. It can quickly and easily become a massive headache for any hot tub owner. While often times the fix for this issue is simple, a faulty heater can also be a sign of bigger issues. Beachcomber Hot Tub parts are the best quality in the hot tub industry, make sure you keep this in-mind when looking for hot tub replacement parts.

    Here’s a quick guide to the common issues that heaters encounter:

    Low Flow

    Your Beachcomber hot tub heater relies on water flow to operate. If your hot tub water levels falls below a certain amount, the pressure switch attached to the heater chamber flips and turns off the heater.

    Low flow is most commonly associated with a dirty filter. If you’re experiencing flow issues, try taking out your filter and replacing it. Having a dirty filter will create low flow and pressure issues. Other, more serious issues that show up as flow issues are:

    • Broken Pump Impeller
    • Broken Valves
    • Clogged Pipes


    Sometimes your hot tub heater can become disconnected from its thermostat. If you’re trying to turn up the heat of your tub and nothing is happening, try replacing the unit and its associated wires.

    High Limit

    The High Limit is another switch, similar to the pressure switch and thermostat discussed above. It’s purpose is to control and shut off the heater if it’s faulty and won’t shut off. It has a preset maximum heat (e.g., the upper limit), at which the switch will open, and short the electrical circuit carrying power to your spa heater element.

    Other less serious issues that can cause heater problems are as follows:

    • Tripped GFCI
    • Bad spa cover (warped, broken)
    • Loose wires.

    In general, we suggest having a certified hot tub technician take a look at your hot tub if you’re experiencing any issues.



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