• Targeting Lower Back Pain With Hydrotherapy

    Targeting Lower Back Pain With Hydrotherapy

    If you’ve never experienced lower back pain, consider yourself lucky…and most likely overdue. In a survey undertaken by the Saskatchewan Health Authority, half of all participants experienced pain in the lower back in a six month period. In fact, up to 80% of Canadian adults will suffer from this at some point in their lives, and with working environments continuing to become more sedentary and life expectancy increasing, you can only expect these numbers to rise.

    While most people associate lower back pain with over-exertion, sitting and remaining immobile for long periods of time can actually negatively impact our muscles and joints and lead to de-conditioning, fatigue and added stress on our spinal discs which results in chronic pain.

    That’s the thing about lower back pain, there’s almost no escaping your vulnerability to it. Whether we’re at rest or in motion, this part of our bodies is always playing a vital supporting role and is highly susceptible to injury and long-term disability unless we give it the daily relief it deserves. The good news? As more clinical information emerges, doctors and healthcare practitioners are continually looking at hydrotherapy as an effective form of treatment.

    How Can a Hot Tub Help Treat Lower Back Pain?

    When you step inside, the buoyancy and the heat decrease the pressure on joints and other points of the body, and reduces inflammation. This allows you better mobility and the opportunity to simultaneously strengthen and soothe this area of the body. With the propulsion of the jets, a hydrotherapeutic massage results in targeted, penetrating relief into the muscle tissue. It’s why you see professional athletes jump into a hot tub after any sort of intense physical training.



    Beyond relief to the lower back, The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research recently found how this form of therapy is particularly powerful for arthritis sufferers, and even more impressively, another study showed that hot tubs can actually lower blood pressure 10% more than 60 minutes of exercise.

    So keep your body pain free, and find the relief you need to live a full, healthy live inside a Beachcomber Hot Tub!

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