• How to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

    How to Keep Your Hot Tub Water Clean

    Okay, but how hard is it really to keep a hot tub clean? It’s a question we often here from prospective owners who are weighing whether or not an investment into a hot tub is right for them and their lifestyle. After all, who wants to spend all their time trying to keep their hot tub water clean instead of enjoying it?

    The reality today is simple. Hot tub water care has never been simpler or less time consuming – just taking a few minutes per week – as long as you choose a water treatment program that meets the needs of you and your family.

    Selecting the best water treatment program for your hot tub

    You can do this by asking yourself a few easy questions:

    1. Are you planning to use your hot tub frequently?
    2. Is lessening the amount of ‘chemicals’ required for safe, clear, clean water, a priority?
    3. How important is the simplicity of the program?
    4. Is dry skin a concern in your household?

    If the answer to any or all of the above is yes, Beachcomber has the perfect solution: CARE FREE Water Care.

    This easy to use 4-in-1 water care system does away with a host of conditioning products by integrating water clarifiers, enzyme biofilm disruptors, metal sequestering agents, and multi-oxidizing components into a single two product system: CARE FREE + CARE FREE BOOST™.

    With 4 conditioning products, all available within a single bottle of CARE FREE, you cut down on cost and the number of products you need to achieve the best results.

    If you’re heading away for a few days:

    Adding CHLOR DISCS™ to your CARE FREE program will ensure a sanitizer residual is maintained when your hot tub is not in use and prevents you from having to recover from a cloudy hot tub when you’ve been away. So take your holiday, without having to worry about a drain & fill when you return!

    What about sensitive skin?

    Beachcomber’s SOFT™ is a natural boron salt that moisturizes your skin and makes the water silky and just very pleasant to be in.  SOFT™ is optimized for the CARE FREE water care system and universally compatible with all water care systems. Add a little in, and you’ll be able to feel the effects as you soak!

    So remember, CARE FREE is perfect for avid hot tub users as you need only add CARE FREE once a week and a little CARE FREE BOOST™ after each hot tub use.



    Check out Beachcomber’s Water Care products for absolutely everything you need to achieve and maintain clean water! 



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  • The healthiest, cleanest hot tub water imaginable!

    The healthiest, cleanest hot tub water imaginable!

    If you’ve ever thought about owning a hot tub, maintenance is probably one of the first things that comes to mind. The reality is that owning and operating a Beachcomber Hot tub is easier than ever before.

    Thanks to our Care Free™ water care system, the healthiest water imaginable is an absolute breeze to maintain. 

    What is Care Free™ Water Care?

    Care Free™ is the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. Beachcomber’s Care Free™ products have been engineered specifically for your Beachcomber Hot Tub to create an extraordinary experience every time your step into your backyard spa oasis.

    Blended with multi-functioning purpose in mind, Care Free™ treats your water so it’s fresh and crystal clear without all the harsh chemicals. Care Free™ replaces traditional water care products such as sequesterants, water clarifiers and calcium increasers; making it safer for your family and the environment while saving you money!

    It is designed to use in conjunction with the Care Free Boost sanitizer. Care Free™ is perfect for the regular hot tub user who appreciates the efficiency of blending all the ingredients you need into one great product and loves hot tubing in crystal clear water.

    Starting up your hot tub using Care Free™

    Based on a hot tub volume of 1000 litres
    • Step #1 – Once your hot tub is filled with water, ensure that the knife valves in the equipment area are in the open position to allow water to flow. Ensure that the bottom drain valve is closed.
    • Step #2 – Turn on the main breaker to the hot tub. Turn the jets off and on several times until the bubbles purge out of the lines and the hot tub is running. It will heat to the default of 100F.
    • Step #3 – add one full bottle of ELIMINATE to the circulating hot tub, and wait 15 minutes. See bottle for details.
    • Step #4 – Test the pH with your test kit to ensure it is from 7.2 to 7.8 ppm. Balance pH, Total Alkalinity (TA), and Calcium Hardness with your balancing tote. (pH MINUS, pH PLUS, PROTECT, RESIST)
    • Step #5 – Add 20 grams (approx. 1 tbsp.) of CARE FREE BOOST to the center of the circulating hot tub — wait 15 minutes before proceeding.
    • Step #6 – Add 75 grams of CARE FREE™ to the skimmer with circulation system running.
    • Step #7 – Test your water for pH, TA, sanitizer and adjust parameters if necessary.

    Voila! Crystal clear, healthy water for you and your friends and family to enjoy all-year long!

    Where to get everything you need? Beachcomber’s Water Care options include everything you need to achieve and maintain the healthiest, cleanest water! 

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