• Quick Tips For Placing Your Hot Tub

    Quick Tips For Placing Your Hot Tub

    In order to maximize your enjoyment of a home spa, it’s important to map out the perfect location for installation.

    While you might be drawn to more wooded, secluded zones of your property in order to play up the tranquility and privacy you envision, you also need to think more practically, particularly if you live in colder climates.

    That means ensuring you keep your hot tub close enough to your home to ensure easy in and out access all year-round.


    Some of the most important factors you should consider when finding the perfect home for your hot tub include:

    Is Your Spa the Centrepiece of Your Yard?

    One option is to make the hot tub the centrepiece of your backyard, and add landscaping around it. If you already have mature gardens and vegetation, a better option might be to have the hot tub secondary and blend it into the existing landscaping elements. Both methods will create magnificent installations, so long as you  remember to find an area where the hot tub can be properly maintained.

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    Convenience vs. Privacy 

    Find a space that will provide a level of privacy for you and your fellow users away from neighbours. As well, hot tubs, and their use among social groups, create a level of noise so be sure to respect this in planning the proper location. If you live in a tightly populated area, create privacy solutions with fencing and screens that incorporate natural elements – such as bamboo.

    While you want your installation to create enough privacy to really enjoy your home spa experience, you also need to ensure that it’s close enough to your home to allow easy access as well as continued maintenance.

    Exposure to Sunlight & The Natural Elements 

    If sunlight is something you crave, be sure to look at where in your yard you get the best natural exposure. If you want shade in your Beachcomber, be aware of any potential debris that could be damaging to the hot tub. Try not to place it directly under a large tree where needles or branches could come down and cause persistent issues.

    Also be sure to check into local permits and regulations surrounding your property. These could impact placement within your yard, allowable noise levels, or other potential factors that may cause you to change the location of your hot tub. 


    But remember, choosing the right location for your Beachcomber hot tub is an important decision to make – and not one to make lightly. So take time to select the ideal spot that provides adequate support, shelter, and access to ensure that your new Beachcomber installation is the backyard oasis that you always dreamed it would be.

  • Why Giving Your Feet A Break Is The Key To Staying Active

    Why Giving Your Feet A Break Is The Key To Staying Active

    After a long day of being up and about, there’s nothing we want to do more than lie back and put our feet up. But why stop there? Research has shown that soaking your feet in hot water for 15 to 20 minutes can do wonders not only for your well-being and mood, but also for alleviating chronic aches and pains – both in your feet and beyond.

    Our feet are what carry us around all day after all. Yet, when it comes to caring for our bodies, they seem to be some of the last parts we consider.

    Looking specifically at how we could create a hydrotherapeutic experience that effectively targets and helps alleviate pain points in this often over-looked part of our bodies, the team at Beachcomber embarked on delivering a massage configuration that would give users all the benefits of a professional foot massage, while enjoying the comforts of being at home.

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs’ Reflex Foot Massage Jets

    Providing intense jetting power to the feet, the Reflex Foot Massage (RFM) fixture fits into our spacious footwell. The upward jetting ensures that you are getting full relief to the one area you really may need it the most.

    As Reflexology shows, your entire body is represented by and connected to your feet, meaning that caring for that part of your body can improve the health and wellness of all of your limbs and organs. While improved mood and increased relaxation are some of the benefits of our Reflex Foot Massage jets, listed below are a few more (you might not expect)!

    Improved Circulation
    Although we use our feet to get around all-day long, the muscles in them don’t actually get too much of a workout. This prevents adequate blood flow in your feet, causing pain and stiffness. Adding a 10-20 minute massage session to your daily hot tub soak will greatly improve blood circulation in your feet, as well as cut down on the foot pain experienced in everyday life.

    Prevents Foot and Ankle Injuries
    By improving the blood circulation in your foot, RFM jets help with the recovery and strengthening of the muscles in your feet. Adding foot and ankle strengthening exercises and stretching can further prevent injuries and speed up recovery time.

    Lowers Blood Pressure
    High blood pressure has become very common among people in our high stress society. A 10-minute foot massage session three times a week can significantly reduce the stress inflicted upon your body by the effects of high blood pressure and anxiety.

    Helps Relieve Pain from Flat Feet
    People with collapsed arches or flat feet often experience pain after physical activity because of inflammation and ligament damage. Regular deep massages from our RFM jets can help ease or even cure these pains.

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