Choosing where to put your hot tub is a big decision that requires critical thinking.

    Here’s everything you need to take into consideration for optimal hot tub placement:

    Delivery & Installation

    No matter where you choose, you need to make sure it’s accessible by the delivery team. While cranes and other equipment can be used to lower your hot tub into less accessible areas, it’s not necessarily something most owners are interested in investing into. To make delivery and initial installation simple, and easy, think about the pathway from your driveway to the destination when deciding on the location. Look for common obstacles like fences and roofing overhangs, and ensure you have enough clearance beforehand to save money and time on the day of. Also, be sure to let the delivery team know of any stairs or disruptions in the pathway that might require added equipment and manpower.

    Structural Support

    When filled and ready for use, a hot tub is an extremely heavy object. Given the weight, you will need a strong, level surface to place it on. Simple paving stones can do the trick, but if you are looking to install your hot tub on your deck, be sure to check with a qualified contractor or structural engineer to ensure the total weight (with occupants) doesn’t exceed the structure’s weighted capacity.

    Drainage & Maintenance

    Easy access to your hot tub’s equipment is important for on-going maintenance throughout the lifetime of the tub. Therefore, wherever you choose, make sure that you can fully open the panel and you don’t need to move the hot tub or heavy obstacles to check on the mechanics and make simple repairs. You must also think about drainage and the damage this could cause to the surroundings. You will need to drain and re-fill your hot tub 3-4 time a year, and you’ll want a drainage channel that directs water away from the hot tub’s equipment, while also avoiding water damage to the rest of your backyard and home.

    Comfort & Privacy

    No matter what, your hot tub needs to be placed somewhere you love and feel comfortable in. That means you’ll want some privacy from the neighbours next door. Find a spot that keeps you shielded from prying eyes and offers you the perfect sanctuary and daily staycation right at home. If you place your hot tub under a large tree or overhanging plants, be warned that it will add maintenance due to falling leaves.

    Ease of Use

    Finally, one of the most important things we tell buyers is to place their hot tub no more than 10 – 15 feet away from an access point to their home. Why? On a cold winter night, or rainy fall day, are you really going to want to trek to other side of your backyard? Make your hot tub is as accessible as possible in any type of weather so it gets the most possible use. If you are worried about noise from the pumps, look for a hot tub model with a 24/7 filtration cycle, like the Beachcomber Hush Pump. These produce nearly no noise, as water is in a constant state of filtration, without adding to your energy or water care costs.

    If you have any questions about installing a hot tub, always feel free to reach-out. A member of our team would be happy to talk you through the steps and answer any questions.   

  • How to Relieve a Headache

    How to Relieve a Headache

    While many look at hot tubs as a place to socialize with their friends and family, there are also innumerable health benefits that have been proven from incorporating a daily soak into your routine. Hydrotherapy has been shown to lower blood pressure, help cure the common cold, improve the condition of your skin, and help arthritis sufferers, among other health benefits.


    But can a hot tub really help relieve a headache?

    Let’s start with tension headaches.

    Tension headaches are caused by muscle contractions in the head and neck regions. Even the slightest pain can result in chronic headaches that can prevent you from successfully getting the most out of your day. Jumping in a hot tub with powerful water jets stimulating the muscles in the back and neck, allows for muscle relaxation and helps effectively eliminate the problem at the source.

    What about migraines? 

    There’s nothing worse than trying to get through your normal day-to-day with a unrelenting migraine. Some of the common causes for these more serious headaches include stress and not getting enough sleep and fluids. Keeping your fluid intake up is vital, as experts will tell you that the amount of water in your system is essential for combatting and avoiding migraines. For sleep and stress relief, a hot tub soak raises your body temperature and helps and increase blood flow, helping you sleep deeper and for longer periods. Soaking in warm water is also a natural release for endorphins in our body, which interact directly with the receptors in our brain and create a heightened sense of euphoria. This helps our body overcome perceptions of pain and stress, and has been shown to help reduce the adverse effects of migraines on sufferers.

    So next time you can’t think because of headache pain, make sure you are keeping up your fluid intake, and give hydrotherapy a try as a natural, effective remedy!

  • 4 Ways A Hot Tub Improves The Condition Of Your Skin

    4 Ways A Hot Tub Improves The Condition Of Your Skin

    Soaking in a hot tub is a wonderful way to keep your body healthy, but did you also know it can play a big role in helping you achieve and maintain glowing skin? Soaking in warm water does wonders for your complexion, whether you are looking to tighten up the look of your skin, clear up spots, or find a way to deal with dryness.


    Here Are The 4 Ways Hot Tubs Give Your Skin A Boost:


    Eliminates Toxins

    A big benefit of regular hot tub soaks is the improvements it creates for your body’s circulation. This is not only great for your muscles, but also has major pay-offs for your skin. The increased blood flow helps eliminate harmful toxins your body accumulates and allows your cells to shed excess waste, which will show on your skin!

    Opens Your Pores

    How often do you hear about how receptive your skin is to both treatment and healing when your pores are open? Regular soaks in a hot water with rising steam will open up your pores and help you maintain a clear, healthy glow.

    Eliminates Stress Which Can Trigger Breakouts 

    We all know what too much stress (at any age) can do to our complexion. Hot tubs have been shown, time and time again, to be optimal environments for reducing stress by helping our bodies naturally release endorphins and enter into a meditative state.

    Acts As A Deep Cleanser

    When your body perspires, it helps wash away dead skin and bacteria, while flooding skin with essential nutrients and minerals to maintain collagen structure, avoid wrinkling, and even help you fight acne.


    Remember though, to see the most positive effects from your hot tub soaks for your complexion, try not to stay in longer than 30 minutes at a time. Any longer than this will put you at risk for dehydrating your skin.

  • 3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Every Day

    3 Ways To Take Care Of Yourself Every Day

    6:00 A.M. The alarm goes off and you’re about to enter into another daily grind. Rushing, the first hour goes by before you’ve even had enough time to fully wake-up. After a hectic day of emails, deadlines, and carpools, by the time dinner is finished and cleaned up, it’s hard to think of nothing else than heading back to bed.

    This is a constant, unavoidable cycle for many of us that comes with the strain of getting through each and every day of the week. But what’s missing here is time to take just for yourself – that “me time” that can help you prepare for the rest of the day’s challenges.

    Ways To Live Healthier Everyday

    1. Add Yourself To Your Schedule

    Just pencil in 30 minutes a day and block it out in your schedule. This way you can plan around it in advance, and make it something that’s part of your daily checklist. This should help stop you from skipping out on the important things you need to stay healthy and nurtured and avoid burning out from fatigue.

    2. Exercise

    Aside from the obvious health benefits this provides, a daily work-out also helps you get into a clear mindset and better mood, as well as helping you get in touch with what’s really on your mind. This should also provide some much needed detox from your computer and mobile screen.

    3. Make Time To Recharge for Tomorrow

    In the evening, it’s important to take time to let go of the stress of the day and recharge your body and mind. Bringing yourself back to a calm and relaxed state is also beneficial to a good night’s sleep, something that’s critical for doing your best work the next day. A Beachcomber Hot Tub is a great way to escape for even 15 minutes a night, and has been clinically proven to help you reach a state of tranquility before bed, soothe your muscles after working out, and reduce stress to enhance your mental well-being.

  • 5 Reasons Why Your Workout Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

    5 Reasons Why Your Workout Can’t Wait Until Tomorrow

    Ready to finally get in shape this year? You’ve got the running shoes, the outfit, and the motivation? But what happens when once again, you find yourself dealing with 524 other things in any given week?

    Slowly but surely, our workout clothes and dreams are left to collect dust in the back of the closet, waiting for the next January 1st to bring them momentarily back into the spotlight.

    How To Motivate Yourself to Work-Out

    Well first off, it’s about sizing up the commitment. Working out doesn’t need to dictate your day. Even 15 minutes of exercise a day has been scientifically proven to build long-term impacts in your overall well-being.

    Here’s 5 Reasons To Stop Waiting & Start Working On Your Health & Fitness Now!

    1. It gives you way more energy to help you get through everything else you have going on in the day thanks to the endorphins released
    2. It helps you fall asleep faster and sleep through the whole night, without restlessness that keeps you groggy
    3. It helps you reach and maintain a goal weight that will have you feeling great about yourself and let you do the things you love
    4. It helps prevent and fight serious health problems including heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes, (just to name a few)
    5. It helps slow down the decline in body function that’s a natural part of aging. Older adults who live actively have been shown to experience less aches, pains, and low energy levels than their less active counterparts.

    But Remember: Recovery, Recovery, Recovery!

    When it comes to improving your physical and mental health. Taking the time to have a proper recovery from any physical exertion plays a huge role in ensuring a long-lasting and effective workout regimen. Hot tubs offer huge benefits for anyone looking to live a more active life – just check out why pro athletes include hot tub soakings in their routines.

  • 3 Reasons Why Pro Athletes Use Hot Tubs To Stay Healthy

    3 Reasons Why Pro Athletes Use Hot Tubs To Stay Healthy

    Pro athletes spend endless hours conditioning their bodies in order to stay at the top of their game. That means not only working out on and off the field, but taking the proper steps to avoid injury and muscle pain that can send them to the sidelines, and often even into early retirement.

    No matter your level of physical exertion, it’s super important to take at least one tip from the pros to heart: taking the time for recovery! 

    After any level of training, our muscles require plenty of rest to not only restore, but also to grow. Working out hour after hour non-stop won’t give you the results you’re after and will also lead to muscle tears and chronic soreness that could keep you from staying active for months at a time.

    So why use hot tubs to stay fit?

    Preparation: Having a quick soak before physical exertion helps loosen up your muscles, which helps to speed up the recovery process and avoid injury.

    Recovery: The hot water increases blood flow and circulation, helping your trained muscles recover and build, and the mix of heat and jet propulsion soothes soreness and helps release built-up muscle tension that causes pain.

    Focus: Pro sports can often be just as much of a mental game as a physical one. That’s why many athletes take a 10-15 minute dip prior to hitting the field to help induce a meditative state that is needed for giving an all-star performance.

    We all live busy lives, and making the time for training can be a time-strain in itself, but don’t make an amateur mistake and instead look to the pros. Always ensure your body is getting the break and benefits it needs to keep performing strong.

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