• Where To Install Your Hot Tub

    Where To Install Your Hot Tub

    A high-quality hot tub is like having a world-class resort right in the comfort of your own backyard. That’s why we always tell owners the same thing when they ask where is a good place to install my new Beachcomber: make it as accessible as possible!

    If you are thinking a hot tub might look great in the tranquil corner at the very back of your yard, think again. On a cold, rainy night, are you really going to want to venture much further than your back door?

    By keeping a hot tub close to your home and easily accessible, even in the deep winter-freeze, you’ll be able to quickly step in, and enjoy the incredible hydrotherapeutic benefits.

    Best practices for hot tub installation

    How close is close?

    Based on feedback we have from owners, within 10 feet from your backdoor is a distance you should aim for.

    You’ll also want it conveniently located to a place inside for drying and changing and close to a water line and hose for filling.

    If privacy is important, think about building an enclosure or putting it in a gazebo-like structure, with curtains that can be closed or open.

    Remember, a Beachcomber Hot Tub can sit on any foundation as long as it’s level and can support the weight of the hot tub.  Cement patio tiles or interlocking bricks are just some of the relatively simple solutions for you to create a solid foundation for your hot tub. Just ensure you avoid installation in a low area where water may accumulate and damage the equipment, and that your hot tub is positioned so access to the equipment compartment will not be blocked.

    Beachcomber Tip:

    Tree needles, leaves, branches, or sap. These backyard hazards can quickly dirty the water in your hot tub. That’s why we recommend that you keep your hot tub protected or enough distance away from low hanging branches to save you time and energy in cleaning.

    For more on installation best practices, download the Beachcomber Hot Tubs Pre-Delivery Guide.

  • Finding the Right Beachcomber Cover Lifter for You?

    Finding the Right Beachcomber Cover Lifter for You?

    Hot tub covers are one of the most important energy saving aspects of your hot tub. It’s important that when your hot tub is not in use, you always keep it covered to preserve the heat, as well as to protect the acrylic shell from the natural elements. When you do want to step in for a nice soak however, it’s important that it’s easy, safe, and hassle-free.

    That’s why at Beachcomber, we offer 4 kinds of hot tub cover removers. Each one works in a slightly different manner, suiting a different scenario.


    Beachcomber hot tub cover remover options



    LIFT & STORE™ cover lifter is a simple and convenient way to lift and store your HEATSHIELD™ cover quickly and get it out of the way. This clever cantilever design is affixed to the bottom of the hot tub skirt allows for easy maneuverability and trouble-free use.




    • Quality anodized aluminum tubing for lightweight, strength, and durability
    • Affixed to the bottom of the hot tub skirt allows for easy maneuverability
    • Utilizes safety chain to prevent over-extension of the lifter
    • Requires 24” (61 cm) clearance
    • Guaranteed for 2-Years



    SLIDE & STORE™ PLUS cover lifter is an affordable solution manufactured to provide quick removal of your HEATSHIELD™ cover with minimum effort while in use. The cradle ensures your HEATSHIELD™ is easily lifted without any undue stress and remains suspended without touching the ground.


    • Quality anodized aluminum tubing for lightweight, strength, and durability
    • Cradle design provides gentle handling of your HEATSHIELD™ cover
    • Design utilizes single hydraulic strut and stress-free hinge operation
    • Requires 24” (61 cm) clearance
    • Effortless 3-step process for easy opening
    • Guaranteed for 2-Years



    SLIDE & STORE™ EXTREME cover lifter is designed with a steel plate to utilize weight of the hot tub to secure the cover lifter in place. Built using high-grade aluminum with integral hydraulic pistons for easy lifting and provides simple do-it-yourself installation for square, rectangle, and circular shaped hot tubs.


    • High-grade powder coated aluminum
    • Cradle design provides gentle handling of your HEATSHIELD™ cover
    • Integral hydraulic piston for easy on and off cover lifting
    • Easy installation by slipping under PERMASEAL™ without drilling into hot tub
    • Requires 34” (87 cm) clearance
    • Effortless 3-step process for easy opening
    • Guaranteed for 2-Years



    AIRLIFT™ cover lifter is engineered with aircraft grade corrosion proof metals, incorporates hydraulic assistance for easy lifting and closing, and provides flexible mounting options for all hot tubs and surroundings.


    • Corrosion-proof powder coated aircraft grade metal components – no plastics
    • Quality gas shock assisted hydraulic springs for easy and light lifting
    • Flexible install and mounting options for all sizes of hot tubs, corner radius’ and surrounds
    • Only requires 9” clearance
    • Doesn’t catch HEATSHIELD™ skirt when opening and closing
    • Utilizes locking pin to protect HEATSHIELD™ cover from blowing over
    • 2-step process for quick opening
    • Guaranteed for 2-Years
  • Hot Tub Hobbies

    Hot Tub Hobbies

    There’s nothing quite like relaxing with friends and family in your Beachcomber hot tub. It’s a perfect way to spend a warm spring or summer afternoon.

    If you feel like mixing things up however and adding another element of relaxation, fitness, or fun to your next soak, here’s a few ideas to get creative with your hydrotherapy:

    Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Time



    Enjoying a good book is always a great way to relax, however reading while bathing in your hot tub is absolutely serene. Whether you’re interested in relieving stress after a long day of work or just doing it to become engrossed in a great story, reading in your hot tub is a great way to liven up both activities.

    Listening to Music

    Immersing yourself in the comfort of music is a great way to add another level of comfort to your hot tubbing experience. Adding music will help you set the mood for your soak. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or just relaxing with family, the ambience of sound makes every soak better.


    Taking some time for contemplation is a great way to settle your mind and allow your body to relax. By adding meditation to your daily hot tub routine you can lower blood pressure, relieve stress and reset your mind.

    Practicing Yoga

    Hot tub yoga is a great way to relax and can be the perfect way to relieve stiffness and improve flexibility. Incorporating yoga into your hot tub routine calms the mind body and spirit, making it the perfect low impact exercise for those with stress and certain injuries. Before beginning practicing hot tub yoga, please consult a physician to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Please do not attempt these poses if you have a history of heart disease, dehydration or heatstroke. Always remember to drink plenty of water and stop if you feel dizzy. We even have a Hot Tub Yoga Series available to follow!


    We often hear about the benefits of jumping in a hot tub before and after a workout, but what about working out while bathing in a hot tub? Light stretching and exercise while soaking in your Beachcomber can help you extend and accelerate your workouts. Learn more on the benefits of working out in a hot tub.

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