• Who is Tethys?

    Who is Tethys?

    You may be wondering who the figure in the Beachcomber logo is? And why this figure is included in our logo?

    The woman’s face in our logo is Tethys, the Greek Titan goddess of primal fresh water. She was the Greek god responsible for nourishing the earth. She was the mother of the rivers, the clouds, and the nymphs of springs, streams, and fountains.

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs Logo Origins

    Being the wife of Okeanos, the fresh water god, and daughter of Gaia, mother earth, Tethys was an important part of Greek mythology. Her name was derived from the Greek word for nurse, and she was considered to be one of the most influential gods in the Greek landscape.

    At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, the influence of Tethys is felt throughout our company. We do our best to spread the word about the nursing and natural healing powers of the hydrotherapy provided by hot tubs. In reality, the therapeutic benefits of a soak in one of our hot tubs is unmatched in the natural world.

    Adding a soak in a Beachcomber hot tub to your daily routine will not only help your body be at its best, it’ll help you live a longer and happier life.

    For more information, check out our website.

  • Hot Tub Stargazing

    Hot Tub Stargazing

    Relaxing in your Beachcomber Hot Tub under a clear night sky is one of the best ways to relieve stress. It allows you to forget about work, while reconnecting with nature and those around you. While soaking in your tub, it can be fascinating to look up into the night sky and catch glimpses of the constellations that make up our galaxy.

    Below are a few descriptions of some of the most popular constellations.


    Big Dipper

    Latin for Water Carrier

    The Big Dipper is potentially the most famous group of stars. It is part of the constellation called Ursa Major. The beginning of the formation is very linear, while it finishes with the famous dip.


    Little Dipper

    Latin for Smaller Bear

    The Little Dipper is famous for containing Polaris, the North Star. This constellation is very similar to the Big Dipper, as they both have the same general look to them. Both have 3-4 stars that create the handle, then 4-5 that create the scooper. Although this formation is best viewed in June, in the Northern Hemisphere it can be seen for a large majority of the year.


    The Hunter

    Latin for mythological Greek hunter

    The Hunter is one of the largest and most recognizable constellations. It is most known for its 3 horizontal stars that create Orion’s Belt. The rest of the constellation form a quadrangle, with two other stars that create his head and bow. Unlike some other constellations, The Hunter is viewable around the world at certain points during the year.



    Latin for Lion

    Leo is one of the few constellations that somewhat looks like its namesake, hence it is also one of the easiest constellations to find. A prominent backwards question mark forms the head and chest, while the rest of the body is formed by a long triangle that is turned on its side.

    • Caring for your Beachcomber Hot Tub

      Caring for your Beachcomber Hot Tub

      Since 1978, Beachcomber has been dedicated to combining innovative technology with top quality customer service. Whether you’re a first-time Beachcomber owner or a long-time Beachcomber lover, we want your experience with us to be relaxing and enjoyable. That’s why we have put together some popular questions on maintaining your hot tub.



      Q:           Where do I drain my hot tub water?

      A:              Your hot tub water can be drained directly into your backyard, however you need to neutralize the active sanitizer in the water prior to draining. Beachcomber’s Water Care Product “NeutrAll” is what we suggest you use to get the water ready for draining. Simply follow the directions on the label of the bottle and add directly to the water. Let the product circulate for an hour to ensure all active sanitizer is neutralized, then drain away!


      Filter Cleaning

      Q:            How often should I clean/change my Microfilter?

      A:             Your Microfilter should be rinsed at least once a week, and depending on how often you use your hot tub and how many people are using it, you may want to rinse it more often than that.

      Your Microfilter will last from two to four years. We recommend having a spare on hand, just so that when one is in use, the other can be available as a replacement.



      Q:            How do I clean the internal plumbing?

      A:             Regular shocking and simple maintenance of your hot tub to keep water clean will help to keep internal plumbing clean. However, if the hot tub is under heavy use, super chlorination is a great way to get rid of biofilm in the pipes.

      Beachcomber’s product called Deep Clean 5 is an effective internal pipe cleaner. We recommend draining your tub and cleaning its plumbing about every three months under normal use.


      Winter Preparation

      Q:            How do I prepare my hot tub for the cold weather?

      A:             There is no need to prepare your hot tub for winter. Our hot tubs are designed to run in any weather, in all seasons. With 3 wall insulation system in LEEP, and the 4 wall insulation system in Hybrid3, you get the very best in energy efficiency and protection from the cold.

      If you are going away for an extended period, it’s a good idea to leave your hot tub running and heated while you are away. This will simply prevent potential freezing. In areas where you receive a lot of snowfall, having a sheet of plywood to cover the hot tub can help to distribute the weight on the cover.


      Cloudy Water

      Q:            How do I get rid of cloudy water?

      A:            Cloudy water happens in a hot tub if there has been heavy usage, or if the hot tub has been left for extended periods without shocking. If your hot tub water is cloudy, try rinsing the Microfilter and adding our product Pure Blue, then wait about an hour. Once you have done this, shock the water with the sanitizer you are using and leave the cover half open for about a half hour.

      If cloudy water persists, you may need to drain your hot tub. If you are ensure or have any more questions about cloudy water, call one of Beachcomber’s Development Centers to talk to a Beachcomber Care person, or call your local Beachcomber Store for help.

    • Preparing Your Backyard for a Hot Tub Can Be Easily Done With a Few Expert Tips

      Preparing Your Backyard for a Hot Tub Can Be Easily Done With a Few Expert Tips

      Bringing home a Beachcomber Hot Tub is much simpler than you think! our hot tubs can sit on any foundation, as long as it’s level and can support the weight of the hot tub. The perma-seal foundation that comes standard across all models keeps your hot tub protected from moisture as well as damage from the natural elements and bugs and animals found in most grassy areas.

      For a fast, long lasting solution, we recommend purchasing patio tiles, railroad ties, crushed gravel or inter-locking bricks as simple solutions for creating a solid foundation for your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

      Here’s a breakdown on recommended places to install your Beachcomber Hot Tub:

      • Patio Blocks:  Patio blocks are an inexpensive base for your hot tub. They are easy to lay down as well, all you need is some sand, a perimeter border, a 2 x 4 and a level.
      • Cement Pad:  A cement pad can be costly, but looks nice and will never break down.
      • Gravel: Crushed gravel is another great base for a Beachcomber. This style requires you to pay extra attention to making the hot tub level.
      • Railroad Ties: Any kind of wood block can also make a good pad for your hot tub. Make sure it’s level and allows for good drainage.
      • Wood Decks: Check your local building codes for the correct parameters for proper support construction required for this kind of install. Remember, a water filled hot tub can weigh as much as a car, so it is important that the tub be supported properly to ensure a safe and reliable installation.
      • Sunken hot tubs: If you are planning to sink your hot tub into a deck, it’s always best to keep the top 21” of the hot tub exposed, as this is the best height for entry and exit.

      Remember: A hot tub should fit into the flow of your deck or patio, not overwhelm it. In order to make accessing your hot tub easier and more inviting, it’s best to place your hot tub within 10 feet of your house!

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