• Beachcomber Hot Tub Control Panel

    Beachcomber Hot Tub Control Panel

    The control panel on Beachcomber hot tubs is an important management part of the system. It’s an extremely important Beachcomber Hot Tub part.

    While the exact messages and controls on the panel depend on the model that you own, the general elements of it are the same. The important elements that are controlled by the control panel are throughout your hot tub. From the lighting, to the blower, and of course the heat, are controlled by elements on the control panel.

    Below are just some of the aspects of your hot tub that are managed through the control panel.



    Beachcomber’s blower helps with the amazing performance that comes from the Flexjet system. Our blowers are different because they produce an extremely powerful and consistent stream of air through every jet in the hot tub. Other hot tubs don’t maintain the same consistency that are system does.



    Whether you’re using the Everlite system or our other lighting system, the control panel is able to manage all of them. While adjusting the brightness and color is great, doing it with the simplicity of one-touch is even better. Beachcomber’s lighting system creates an extremely luxurious and romantic mood.



    This is an obvious one, but it is incredibly important. If you have any issues managing the temperature of your hot tub, you should first look for an error code on your control panel.

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  • Just How Much Media Are We Consuming?

    Just How Much Media Are We Consuming?

    It should come as no surprise that our daily technology consumption is on the rise. But just how drastic is the spike?

    According to CNN, teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms, with 60% of this happening on their mobile devices. And it’s not just teens who are in need of a severe digital detox, with U.S. adults spending 10 hours and 40 minutes on average consuming media.

    Currently, total time spent on social media beats time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming.

    As parents, there’s never been a more important time than today to find ways to spend time with your children, away from the screens.


    Here are a few ways to keep the family connected:


    Get Outside & Go Airplane Mode.

    While the living room and kitchen might be the places families find themselves gathering most often, these settings are also full of distractions. Watching television together while surfing the internet on your phones might not be the best quality time spent. Instead, try to plan regular outdoor adventures that require everyone to not only get together, but get off their phones and find fun in nature. Simply getting fresh air outside has been shown to have big positive effects on our health and well-being, so don’t let a colder, wet climate stop you from getting back to the great outdoors. Take turns planning out what activity to try next.


    Eat At The Table, Not On The Couch

    In a survey, US teens were asked when they were most likely to talk with their parents: dinner was their top answer. Stacks of studies link regular family dinners with lowering high risk teenage behaviours parents often fear, such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This has also been shown to improve overall parent-child relationships and reduce the stress your kids might be feeling.


    Create A Daily Family Ritual That’s Rewarding For Everyone 

    So how we can put the screen down, and keep the conversation going with the people right in front of us? Hot tubs are a fantastic place where family and friends of any age can find enjoyment and bonding. Just 10 to 15 minutes together in your Beachcomber Hot Tub every night can provide relaxation, stress relief, and a special place to connect and really discuss what’s important to the people you love the most. Enjoying time together in a hot tub is a low-stress activity that requires minimal planning for everyone.

  • 5 Hot Tub Exercises To Try

    5 Hot Tub Exercises To Try

    When it comes to workouts and hot tubs, most often you hear about the benefits of soaking in a hot tub before you start exercising or as a way to soothe your muscles after you finish. But what about the ways to workout inside a hot tub?

    Hot tubs shouldn’t just be looked at as a place for socializing and having fun. They are also packed with tons of amazing health benefits, that extend to offering a safe, low-impact environment for exercise. This can prove particularly beneficial for anyone with joint pain, sports injuries, or anyone who wants to combine therapeutic exercises with the soothing heat and buoyancy of warm water.

    Remember, before starting any new exercise regime, it’s always a good idea to get the go ahead from your doctor.

    5 water-based exercises you can master inside your Hot Tub


    Shoulder Rolls 

    Standing in the centre of your hot tub, begin your workout with light shoulder rolls, going both forward and back. The heat and resistance in water allows this simple, low-impact movement to improve joint mobility and boost your circulation to your neck and shoulders. Start with repetitions of 20-30 and sets of 3-4.

    Bicycle Kicks

    Sit in your Beachcomber with your legs towards the centre, hold tight onto the edge of the seat with both hands, and elevate your legs without taking them out of the water. Start making a pedalling motion as if you are riding a bicycle, with clean circular movements. Keep it up for 20-30 seconds, and mix up the speed depending on the level of cardio workout you are looking to achieve.

    Leg & Hip Lifts 

    Strengthening both your legs and hips can help improve your balance, add support to your back muscles, and decrease your chances of running into injuries in the future. To achieve results in a hot tub, stand up using the walls or lip for support and carefully extend your leg outward and to the side. For Hips, while seated steady yourself with your hands, and gently lift up your hip muscles, and slowly rest them back down. Repeat 10-12 times, and try to do 2 – 3 sets.

    Arm Circles

    Define and tone your arms extending them straight outward, one or both at a time depending on the size of your hot tub. Then, work them in circles to build up your shoulder and tricep muscles with repetitions of 10-12. Repeat 2-3 times and see how you feel. If you like, add light weights to the workout as you start building more muscle.

    Heel Raises

    Standing flat-footed in your hot tub, raise your heels onto your toes repeatedly for three sets of 15-30 repetitions. This move slims and tones your calves. If you need help staying balanced, contract your core, and place one hand on the wall for support.


    Remember whenever you are practicing any form of exercise always stretch. Warm water loosens up your muscles, making your hot tub the perfect place to stretch pre- or post-workout!

    As always, it’s super important to ensure you are staying hydrated. So whenever you’re in a hot tub, be sure to drink lots of water. Make sure to pay attention to your body during your hot tub workout and exit the water if you ever feel light-headed.

  • #TestimonialTuesday: Beachcomber Owner Reviews

    #TestimonialTuesday: Beachcomber Owner Reviews

    What are people like you really saying about Beachcomber Hot Tubs? Find out for yourself, and be sure to leave a comment below if you have any questions, or want to share your own #mybeachcomber story!

    Beachcomber Hot Tub Customer Testimonials

    Beachcomber Owner Reviews


  • Hot Tub Hobbies

    Hot Tub Hobbies

    There’s nothing quite like relaxing with friends and family in your Beachcomber hot tub. It’s a perfect way to spend a warm spring or summer afternoon.

    If you feel like mixing things up however and adding another element of relaxation, fitness, or fun to your next soak, here’s a few ideas to get creative with your hydrotherapy:

    Ways to Enjoy Your Hot Tub Time



    Enjoying a good book is always a great way to relax, however reading while bathing in your hot tub is absolutely serene. Whether you’re interested in relieving stress after a long day of work or just doing it to become engrossed in a great story, reading in your hot tub is a great way to liven up both activities.

    Listening to Music

    Immersing yourself in the comfort of music is a great way to add another level of comfort to your hot tubbing experience. Adding music will help you set the mood for your soak. Whether you’re celebrating with friends or just relaxing with family, the ambience of sound makes every soak better.


    Taking some time for contemplation is a great way to settle your mind and allow your body to relax. By adding meditation to your daily hot tub routine you can lower blood pressure, relieve stress and reset your mind.

    Practicing Yoga

    Hot tub yoga is a great way to relax and can be the perfect way to relieve stiffness and improve flexibility. Incorporating yoga into your hot tub routine calms the mind body and spirit, making it the perfect low impact exercise for those with stress and certain injuries. Before beginning practicing hot tub yoga, please consult a physician to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Please do not attempt these poses if you have a history of heart disease, dehydration or heatstroke. Always remember to drink plenty of water and stop if you feel dizzy. We even have a Hot Tub Yoga Series available to follow!


    We often hear about the benefits of jumping in a hot tub before and after a workout, but what about working out while bathing in a hot tub? Light stretching and exercise while soaking in your Beachcomber can help you extend and accelerate your workouts. Learn more on the benefits of working out in a hot tub.

  • Do You Need A Lounger In Your Hot Tub?

    Do You Need A Lounger In Your Hot Tub?

    Decided it might be the right time to add a hot tub to your home? Perfect! Now comes the fun part, finding which tub is the right choice based on all the available options.

    One of the first questions we ask potential owners is what are you most looking forward to getting out of your hot tub? Is it primarily going to be used for entertaining? For you and your spouse? For hydrotherapy?

    Not to say you can’t have one without the other, but it’s important to address your expectations first, in order to find options that align with your needs and interests.

    How Many Hot Tub Seats Do You Need?

    One sticking point that often comes up is the number of seats available inside, which brings us to a question that many new buyers go back and forth on: to lounge or not to lounge?

    The Lounge Debate:

    A Lounge seat, like the one found in the all-new 730AE Series, is a reclined, full body massager that features targeted hydrotherapy for your neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet – all at once. It can be an unmatched experience when it comes to relaxing and unwinding, and has been meticulously designed by our team to maximize comfort and hydrotherapeutic results.

    So Why Wouldn’t You Want One? 

    Well again…it all comes down to how many seats you really need. When you include a lounger, you’ll likely be giving up an additional seat in the tub, so if entertaining and socializing with family and friends is your priority, it might not be the best option for you.

    It’s also important to come in and test it out yourself in either a wet or dry tub. As this seat has been engineered to target muscle groups across the full-body, it might not meld perfectly with your proportions. We want you to get the best use of your Beachcomber, so it’s important that you test the features and ensure they work well with you and your body.

    Am I Giving Up Hydrotherapy Benefits By Not Having A lounger?

    No. Just because your hot tub doesn’t have a lounger doesn’t mean it won’t meet your hydrotherapy needs. Our 500 and 700 Series models in particular, feature ergonomic contouring and strategic jet placement throughout to ensure that users are able to get the deep tissue, targeted massage relief they are after.

    Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about the Lounge Seat or any of the other features available inside Beachcomber Hot Tubs.


  • How To Reduce Stress With Hydrotherapy

    How To Reduce Stress With Hydrotherapy

    Do you often fantasize about what life would be like totally stress-free. Unfortunately, with everything we all have going on, living stress-free 24/7 just isn’t that realistic. In today’s hyper-paced world, as many as 70% of working adults suffer from chronic stress-related conditions including anxiety and insomnia. So if the world around us isn’t going to slow down, how can we find the time to keep up without getting run down?

    Hot Tub Stress Relief!

    Studies have shown that adding a 15 minute soak in a hot tub can have huge payoffs in your daily outlook and overall well-being.

    This little escape for yourself pays for itself in:

    • Increased productivity
    • Improved mood
    • Better sleep


    This is because of the natural endorphins released in your body after a short stint in warm water, mixed with the therapeutic benefits of jet propulsion.

    Beachcomber Hot Tubs. spas, hot tubs

    Find your daily paradise, and tune everything else out…even for a just 15 minutes.

    Endorphins interact directly with our brain’s receptors, creating a sense of heightened euphoria. The noticeable impacts include:

    • Reducing our perception of pain and stress
    • Helping our overall levels of happiness
    • Improving the functioning of our immune system

    Let’s just put it this way, if endorphins could be bottled and sold at your local drug store, there would be a Black Friday rush to rip them off the shelves.

    So the next time you feel stress creeping up on you, think about the amazing benefits that endorphins can have for your body and how a hot tub can help you reach that state. There’s no better feeling than the the feeling of stress melting away from your shoulders as you reach a serene and calm mindset.

    To find the perfect hot tub for your needs, check out our website.

  • Beachcomber Flexjet Classification

    Beachcomber Flexjet Classification

    Beachcomber’s flexjet program allows for easy removal and replacement of many of the jets in your hot tub. Having the ability to customize your hot tubs massage allows each bather to experience the exact type of relaxation that they want.

    Depending on the model, the Flexjets are strategically placed to massage you from the cervical to the lumbar region of your back, while more jets target your leg muscles. In the 700 Series models, added Reflex Foot Massage jets complete the full body massage.

    Types of Beachcomber Hot Tub Jets


    Accu-Jet or Small (V, X): This is our smallest jet. It provides the most direct and accurate massage.

    Mini-Jet (P): Beachcomber Mini-jets bring a constant flow of water through a unidirectional jet.

    Medium Jets (E1): Our medium jets come in many varieties and are most often used on the back of seats to create our signature lower lumbar massage.

    Large Jets (E2): Our large jets come in many varieties and are most often used on as part of the back and foot massage jetting patterns.

    Extra-Large Jets (E3): Our large jets come in many varieties and are most often used as the anchor for the upper-back massage.


    Styles of Jets

    Our medium, large and extra-large jets come in a variety of different flow styles.

    Pulsators: Our Pulsator jets pushe the water and air mixture through twin jets. Its spinning center hub spins along with concentrated water pressure, creating a steady, pulsating massage.

    Vortex: Our Vortex jets provide a pinpoint or targeted deep tissue massage, using a single stream of water and air mixture, cut with flutes. The flutes twist the water upon exit to create turbulence and massage force.

    Massage: Our massage jets offer three or seven separate jets (depending on size). This full body massage jetting system is enhanced by a rotating centrifuge that distributes the water through the jet holes to provide a vigorous massage.

    Roto: Our Roto jets offer a single jet, housed in a centrifuge orifice for vigorous massage. The centrifuge spins, along with the directional jet stalk.

    Twin Roto: Our Twin Roto jets offer a twin ported, spinning interior fixture that provides a pulsating soft tissue massage

    Directional: With a Beachcomber Directional FlexJet, you can customize your personal massage using this articulating jet: the jet can be adjusted to any direction to point a single, powerful stream of water towards a specific area, where you need it most.

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  • Featuring: Beachcomber’s Floating Puck Dispenser

    Featuring: Beachcomber’s Floating Puck Dispenser

    Remembering to add chemicals to your hot tub water on a daily basis can be difficult. Although seemingly trivial, a daily dose of chlorine, bromine or whatever system you use is incredibly important for keeping your water clean and clear.

    A Hot Tub Water Care Solution

    Beachcomber’s extremely simple solution to this problem has revolutionized the mechanics of water care. With our Floating Puck Dispenser, all you need to do is add chemicals to the container and let the dispenser do the rest.

    Here’s a quick step-by-step guide for using it:

    1. Simply unscrew (counter clockwise) the bottom barrel and load chemical pucks.
    2. Once you have screwed the bottom barrel back on, you then just have to tighten the locking nut.
    3. Adjust the barrel so it’s barely open (2-3 open slots) then adjust accordingly. (The larger the opening the more chlorine/bromine will be dispensed.)

    This Floating Puck Dispenser is only for water care products that come in the form of pucks (only Bromine and Chlorine).

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