• Staying Stress Free This Fall In Your Hot Tub

    Staying Stress Free This Fall In Your Hot Tub

    After the long, relaxing days of summer, the transition to fall can be particularly difficult for the body and mind. Vacations are over. Kids are back in school. The days are shorter and our to-do lists are longer. These pressures can lead to a serious case of fall fatigue, and can leave you stressed out and worn out.

    Stress, unfortunately, is an unavoidable part of our lives. When we are overly stressed though, our hearts work harder and digestion slows down. Nearly every process in the body is negatively affected. Research has even shown that up to 80% of disease is stress related.

    While stress can’t be completely avoided, there are ways to relieve the effects and ensure that you are keeping your body and mind healthy, especially in the midst of a busy autumn schedule.

    15 – 20 minutes a day in your Beachcomber Hot Tub is all you need for stress relief!

    Independent study after study has proven that a warm water massage is effective in stimulating the release of endorphins from the body. Endorphins are also known as the “feel good” chemicals in our body, that enhance our sense of well-being, and help us enter into a positive physical and mental state. The warm water has also been shown to help keep your nervous system in perfect balance and help increase the flow of blood vessels, making it easier for your heart to pump with less effort and driving improved circulation throughout the whole body.

    So there you have it! A hot tub is the perfect way to do a little good for your mind and body and soak away all of the stress of the day. Even the November rain won’t get your mood down.

    Just take 20 minutes for yourself. Go on, you deserve it!

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