• How To Choose The Right Hot Tub Cover

    How To Choose The Right Hot Tub Cover

    Choosing the right cover can make all the difference in the enjoyment you get out of your hot tub, and the quality of the covers available vary significantly. So what are the best ways to narrow down the options and find the best product for your needs? First, make sure you buy a cover that specifically fits your model as it needs to be the perfect size in order to effectively shield your hot tub from the elements and seal in the warmth of the water. Then, start thinking about the questions below as you weigh your options.

    Choosing the Best Hot Tub Cover for You

    What’s The Hot Tub Cover Made Of? 

    Hot tub covers are typically made from solid foam cores, sealed in plastic cases, and enclosed in vinyl. But there’s a lot of variations in terms of the quality of materials used and the measures taken to ensure durability and performance. The first thing to consider is the foam itself. Look for a cover made from high-density 100% virgin form cores. When it comes to the vinyl outer skin, make sure it is marine grade. This type of vinyl is resistant to fading, UV damage, and discolouration and will also help prevent mold build-up that causes odours.

    Is It Sealed Properly?

    No matter how nice a hot tub cover looks, if it’s not sealed properly it will very quickly take on water and become extremely heavy and incredibly difficult to move. This makes getting in and out of your hot tub much more difficult, as well, the water in the core reduces the effectiveness of the insulation. Ensuring that your cover is sealed with a poly vapour barrier and a durable liner is key to the long-term performance. At Beachcomber, our covers also include a centre seam bumper and steam sealers, bonded with poly thread, to make our covers even more effective at keeping heat in and cold out.

    Is It The Best Choice For My Climate? 

    Depending on where you live, finding a cover with thick, dense insulation can be particularly important. Make sure you find one that is going to hold up throughout any seasonal fluctuations at your home. When it comes to snow, as a Canadian manufacturer we understand the importance of durability in a harsh winter climate. That’s why we add in two corrosion proof 20 gauge aluminum C channels for added structural integrity.

    No matter which Hot Tub Cover you purchase, it’s very important that you take the time to follow proper hot tub cover maintenance in order to keep it looking it’s best longer.

    Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about our hot tub cover options or any of the other features inside Beachcomber Hot Tubs.

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