• Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important For A Hot Tub

    Why Energy Efficiency Is So Important For A Hot Tub

    Looking To Keep Warm This Winter?

    A common claim across hot tub manufacturers is how much more energy efficient their hot tubs are compared to the competition. While all brands claim to be the leader in the market, how can they back this up?

    Let’s talk hot tub insulation

    As you comparatively shop, start asking yourself: “Am I really looking at a fully foamed spa?”

    Back in the ’80s, spas were built with absolutely zero insulation, and some companies continue to cut corners here. On budget spas you’ll often see insulations practices like using trapped air or a small layer of foam on the back side of the interior shell. You wouldn’t build a home without insulated walls, right? Just like Beachcomber wouldn’t build a hot tub without 100% cavity-filled insulation.

    Brands that use these methods do it for one reason: it’s cheaper for them. When it comes to owning one however, even if you’ve saved on the sticker price, you’ll be losing big every month when you look at operating costs.

    Fully foaming the interior cavity of the spa continues to be the most important element in minimizing heat loss and maximizing efficiency; and it’s something that Beachcomber continues to be the industry leader in.

    With our Hybrid Technology, Beachcomber took things to the next level by taking the interior equipment and moving it outside the hot tub cavity and under the step. This has allowed us to insulate all four walls of the hot tub, blocking moisture and heat from escaping the shell on all sides. The insulation we use is a specially formulated foam product that is made right in our British Columbia factory and expands to fill the entire space within the hot tub. It’s something you’ll see across Beachcomber models, and across price points.

    Along with saving you money on energy costs, the insulation allows the interior equipment to run at a consistent proper temperature which ensures long equipment life, and maintains your desired water temperature.

    Nearly 40 years after we began revolutionizing the industry with hot tub insulation, Hybrid continues to carry on our proud tradition of technological excellence.

    Want to see how much operating your Beachcomber could be? We offer a Hot Tub Energy Calculator for prospective owners to estimate their energy usage based on their location and the model they choose.

  • [Infographic] Where Beachcomber FlexJets Target Your Muscle Groups

    [Infographic] Where Beachcomber FlexJets Target Your Muscle Groups

    What makes the jetting inside a Beachcomber Hot Tub truly unique is the ability to personalize the massage therapy experience just for you!

    Not only can you and your fellow bathers choose from our line-up of FlexJet inserts, but you can you dial the intensity up and down for deep tissue and gentle results, depending on your mood. Changing a FlexJet is as simple as changing a lightbulb, and each one is configured with specific hydrotherapy results in mind. To find the massage you want and where the key muscle groups are located that have been targeted in each design, have a read through The Ultimate Hot Tub Massage Infographic below.


    Hot tub jetting benefits infographic, hot tub benefits, hot tubs jets


    Have a look at more Beachcomber Jetting Features and some of the most sought after patterns available using our FlexJets.

  • [Study] The Health Benefits of Getting Outside for Spring

    [Study] The Health Benefits of Getting Outside for Spring

    As the chill of winter begins to thaw, it’s that time of year once again when we can really start taking advantage of the great outdoors and get back to nature. Spending time unplugged and outside has been scientifically shown as a natural antidote to the adverse effects of stress, a preventative measure against anxiety, and booster for our creativity.

    Despite its well known healthy properties, over the past four decades nature-based recreation has declined over 35% in the US, according to the National Academy of Science.

    Why Stay Active Outdoors

    Learn more about how important building outdoor moments in your daily schedule really is:

    Studies have shown that we  do at least 30 minutes more physical activity  per week when we  workout in nature.

    Makes You Push Yourself Harder

    When we are working out inside a gym, we’re setting strict limits on our pace and the amount of time we are training. Studies have shown that people who take their work-outs outside do at least 30 minutes more of physical activity per week than those who do it inside. The outside also allows our bodies to experience various terrains, hills, and locations, to further strengthen our muscles and joints.

    Makes You Focus

    Trying to concentrate on too many activities or even a single topic for prolonged periods of time can mentally drain us. It even has a name, Directed Attention Fatigue. Being outside and just enjoying the natural scenery can give the cognitive portion of our brain a break, allowing us to focus better and renew our ability to be rational, focus, and patient.

    Lowers Depression

    People who frequent parks and green spaces have been shown in studies to have lower rates of depression and blood pressure. They have also been shown to be more social than those people who avoid the outdoors. We believe there’s no better place to add an outdoor moment to your day routine than in the tranquility of your backyard inside a Beachcomber, which itself has been shown to lower stress and depression and improve cognitive health. Spending time in nature has also proven to be a viable booster of creativity, with a study from Outward Bound participants showing a 50% boost following a four day forest expedition.

    Fresh air itself is full of antibacterial qualities that reduce our risk for numerous serious diseases.

    Helps You Fight Disease

    The Department of Environmental Conservation has published reports that show the correlation between breathing in fresh air and disease prevention. Fresh air is full of phytoncides. These airborne chemicals given off by plants, have antibacterial and antifungal qualities that help plants fight disease. When people breathe in these chemicals, our bodies breathe in these benefits and have been shown to reduce our risks for numerous diseases including cancer. Click here for more details.

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