• How Many Seats Do You Need In Your Hot Tub?

    How Many Seats Do You Need In Your Hot Tub?

    Hot tubs today come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Once you decide you’re ready to bring one home, it’s extremely important you really ask yourself the reasons why as you browse the available models. Relaxation? Help relieve stress or muscle pain? Entertainment?

    Pinpointing the primary purposes of your purchase will help you answer the next question: how many seats do I need?

    Keep in mind that the number of seats will also impact the size of the tub, so you’ll need to know where it’s going and if size restrictions apply before you begin comparing options.

    Try to be realistic with your expectations. You really want to consider how you will be primarily using your hot tub to get the best one for you.

    Here are a few things to think about when it comes to hot tub seating:

    Who’s Using It?

    You will not only want to consider the number of people who will be regularly using your hot tub, but also look at the layout and how this will work for these gatherings. How big is the foot well? How close together are the seats available? Is one of the seats a lounger that might be great for hydrotherapy but awkward for larger groups?

    Again, really think about how often your hot tub will really be used for social gatherings. Do you entertain a lot? Do you have a large family? If it’s normally going to be just you and your spouse at home, or maybe you two and another couple, then a 4-person tub might be all you need.

    What’s It For?

    Not all of these are by any means mutually exclusive, but if you’re after relaxation and hydrotherapy over socializing, than it might be good to maximize your investment with a tub that is more tailored to these benefits, that offers a slightly smaller footprint. Look at your budget and consider what is most important to you as you comparatively shop.

    Where’s It Going? 

    It all comes down to how much space you have, and how you want to design around the hot tub you bring home. If you are looking to place it under a gazebo and want to have a hot tub that is socially-focused, make sure you leave space for people to get in and out comfortably in larger groups and for food and beverages along the sides.

    When selecting a Beachcomber model that’s right for you, take these factors into consideration and choose a seat number and combination that best fits your needs.

  • A Tropical Backyard Paradise in Canada?

    A Tropical Backyard Paradise in Canada?

    With huge leaves, bright colours, and exotic foliage, there’s nothing that feels like paradise quite like a tropical botanical oasis. But how can your bring the flavours of the Caribbean into your backyard in Canada?

    By doing a little research, you’ll soon discover there are actually a number of deceptively durable hearty winter plants that will easily achieve the tropical look, while surviving the winter chill. These can be the perfect accent to landscape around your Beachcomber Hot Tub, and turn a quick dip just outside your backdoor into an exotic vacation getaway – each and every day!


    Choosing the best tropical themed plants to landscape around your hot tub.



    Different bamboo variants are super easy to grow in cool climates. And grow they do! While you will likely encounter some extra maintenance in keeping the plants in check, adding bamboo is a great way to create a thick wall of foliage that will give your hot tub privacy from the neighbours and add a distinctively exotic flare to your backyard landscape.


    While a palm tree most likely triggers visions of the California coast or Hawaiian Islands, Windmill Palms are actually extremely well suited for living in colder climates, even those that reach well below freezing. This palm is native to China and the high mountains of The Himalayas, and are much heartier than the kinds you’ll encounter down south. So plant a palm and bring the island life to you!

    Canna Lilies 

    Canna lilies are probably one of the easiest and most effective tropical plants you can grow. These are extremely durable in both pots and flowerbeds, and with a little winterization mulching, they’ll prosper for years to come. With heights reaching over 5 feet, and vibrant shades of red and purple flowers, they are the perfect way to create a vibrant oasis around your Beachcomber.

    Banana Trees

    When you think Banana Trees, you think tropical island living. There are a number of smaller variations that are ideal for backyards, with the “Musa Basjoo” species, the perfect winter-ready addition to your backyard. They have reached popularity in recent years across Canada and continue to prosper throughout the whole year.

    Japanese Silver Grass

    Adding some drama to your landscape, a planting of this ornamental grass is a great way to add movement and a tropical flare to your garden. Very gifted, these grasses are easy to grow, wonderful in winter, and are generally pest and disease free, requiring extremely little maintenance.

  • How To Choose The Right Hot Tub Cover

    How To Choose The Right Hot Tub Cover

    Choosing the right cover can make all the difference in the enjoyment you get out of your hot tub, and the quality of the covers available vary significantly. So what are the best ways to narrow down the options and find the best product for your needs? First, make sure you buy a cover that specifically fits your model as it needs to be the perfect size in order to effectively shield your hot tub from the elements and seal in the warmth of the water. Then, start thinking about the questions below as you weigh your options.

    Choosing the Best Hot Tub Cover for You

    What’s The Hot Tub Cover Made Of? 

    Hot tub covers are typically made from solid foam cores, sealed in plastic cases, and enclosed in vinyl. But there’s a lot of variations in terms of the quality of materials used and the measures taken to ensure durability and performance. The first thing to consider is the foam itself. Look for a cover made from high-density 100% virgin form cores. When it comes to the vinyl outer skin, make sure it is marine grade. This type of vinyl is resistant to fading, UV damage, and discolouration and will also help prevent mold build-up that causes odours.

    Is It Sealed Properly?

    No matter how nice a hot tub cover looks, if it’s not sealed properly it will very quickly take on water and become extremely heavy and incredibly difficult to move. This makes getting in and out of your hot tub much more difficult, as well, the water in the core reduces the effectiveness of the insulation. Ensuring that your cover is sealed with a poly vapour barrier and a durable liner is key to the long-term performance. At Beachcomber, our covers also include a centre seam bumper and steam sealers, bonded with poly thread, to make our covers even more effective at keeping heat in and cold out.

    Is It The Best Choice For My Climate? 

    Depending on where you live, finding a cover with thick, dense insulation can be particularly important. Make sure you find one that is going to hold up throughout any seasonal fluctuations at your home. When it comes to snow, as a Canadian manufacturer we understand the importance of durability in a harsh winter climate. That’s why we add in two corrosion proof 20 gauge aluminum C channels for added structural integrity.

    No matter which Hot Tub Cover you purchase, it’s very important that you take the time to follow proper hot tub cover maintenance in order to keep it looking it’s best longer.

    Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about our hot tub cover options or any of the other features inside Beachcomber Hot Tubs.

  • Just How Much Media Are We Consuming?

    Just How Much Media Are We Consuming?

    It should come as no surprise that our daily technology consumption is on the rise. But just how drastic is the spike?

    According to CNN, teens now spend up to nine hours a day on social platforms, with 60% of this happening on their mobile devices. And it’s not just teens who are in need of a severe digital detox, with U.S. adults spending 10 hours and 40 minutes on average consuming media.

    Currently, total time spent on social media beats time spent eating and drinking, socializing, and grooming.

    As parents, there’s never been a more important time than today to find ways to spend time with your children, away from the screens.


    Here are a few ways to keep the family connected:


    Get Outside & Go Airplane Mode.

    While the living room and kitchen might be the places families find themselves gathering most often, these settings are also full of distractions. Watching television together while surfing the internet on your phones might not be the best quality time spent. Instead, try to plan regular outdoor adventures that require everyone to not only get together, but get off their phones and find fun in nature. Simply getting fresh air outside has been shown to have big positive effects on our health and well-being, so don’t let a colder, wet climate stop you from getting back to the great outdoors. Take turns planning out what activity to try next.


    Eat At The Table, Not On The Couch

    In a survey, US teens were asked when they were most likely to talk with their parents: dinner was their top answer. Stacks of studies link regular family dinners with lowering high risk teenage behaviours parents often fear, such as experimenting with drugs and alcohol. This has also been shown to improve overall parent-child relationships and reduce the stress your kids might be feeling.


    Create A Daily Family Ritual That’s Rewarding For Everyone 

    So how we can put the screen down, and keep the conversation going with the people right in front of us? Hot tubs are a fantastic place where family and friends of any age can find enjoyment and bonding. Just 10 to 15 minutes together in your Beachcomber Hot Tub every night can provide relaxation, stress relief, and a special place to connect and really discuss what’s important to the people you love the most. Enjoying time together in a hot tub is a low-stress activity that requires minimal planning for everyone.

  • Do You Need A Lounger In Your Hot Tub?

    Do You Need A Lounger In Your Hot Tub?

    Decided it might be the right time to add a hot tub to your home? Perfect! Now comes the fun part, finding which tub is the right choice based on all the available options.

    One of the first questions we ask potential owners is what are you most looking forward to getting out of your hot tub? Is it primarily going to be used for entertaining? For you and your spouse? For hydrotherapy?

    Not to say you can’t have one without the other, but it’s important to address your expectations first, in order to find options that align with your needs and interests.

    How Many Hot Tub Seats Do You Need?

    One sticking point that often comes up is the number of seats available inside, which brings us to a question that many new buyers go back and forth on: to lounge or not to lounge?

    The Lounge Debate:

    A Lounge seat, like the one found in the all-new 730AE Series, is a reclined, full body massager that features targeted hydrotherapy for your neck, shoulders, back, calves, and feet – all at once. It can be an unmatched experience when it comes to relaxing and unwinding, and has been meticulously designed by our team to maximize comfort and hydrotherapeutic results.

    So Why Wouldn’t You Want One? 

    Well again…it all comes down to how many seats you really need. When you include a lounger, you’ll likely be giving up an additional seat in the tub, so if entertaining and socializing with family and friends is your priority, it might not be the best option for you.

    It’s also important to come in and test it out yourself in either a wet or dry tub. As this seat has been engineered to target muscle groups across the full-body, it might not meld perfectly with your proportions. We want you to get the best use of your Beachcomber, so it’s important that you test the features and ensure they work well with you and your body.

    Am I Giving Up Hydrotherapy Benefits By Not Having A lounger?

    No. Just because your hot tub doesn’t have a lounger doesn’t mean it won’t meet your hydrotherapy needs. Our 500 and 700 Series models in particular, feature ergonomic contouring and strategic jet placement throughout to ensure that users are able to get the deep tissue, targeted massage relief they are after.

    Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about the Lounge Seat or any of the other features available inside Beachcomber Hot Tubs.


  • Luxurious Durability

    Luxurious Durability

    This customer testimonial is from Victoria, B.C. He tells us exactly why and what he loves about his Beachcomber hot tub and the service from Beachcomber Hot Tubs Victoria. He was really happy with the after hours service he received when he really needed specific chemicals to be able to enjoy his hot tub.

    The Beachcomber Hot Tub Difference

    Throughout our model line-up there’s a hot tub that suits your lifestyle and budget. With Beachcomber you can choose from 20 different models that cover every price point. Our high quality hot tub construction and zero defect approach in quality control are critical pieces of our company philosophy. We know that hand-building the finest quality hot tub is the best way to have 100% satisfied customers. Beachcomber’s 98.4% referral rating proves that our high level of integrity and focus on quality are unmatched in the industry.

    Your Beachcomber should stand the test of time, not cause you problems. The average industry hot tub lasts about 5 years before being replaced or abandoned, while a Beachcomber is built to last! Receiving Beachcomber hot tub reviews from our customers helps us improve our hot tubs moving forward.

    Building the best hot tubs in Canada is a collective effort, without our customer reviews we wouldn’t be able to innovate in the ways we do.


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