• When To Hot Tub With Your Work-Out

    When To Hot Tub With Your Work-Out

    There’s nothing more satisfying in the world than stepping into your Beachcomber Hot Tub and relaxing for 10-15 minutes. This can be even more true when you’re living a super active lifestyle. The hydrotherapy inside a hot tub has been shown to aid in the recovery of your muscles, but when is the best time to go for a soak for the best therapeutic results?

    Follow the cheatsheet below to optimize your hot tub soaking time:



    Before you put your body to work, it’s important to get your muscles stretched and loose. The heat from the hot tub helps stimulate your blood flow and will help you stay loosened up throughout your workout. Try going for soak before setting off on your activity, but be sure drink tons of water as you don’t want to dehydrate your body. 


    Immediately After:

    This is when it’s actually best to avoid jumping into your hot tub. Right after you’ve worked out your muscles, you may experience some inflammation from the areas you’ve targeted. This is a natural stage in the progression of toning your body, but it’s also a time when you don’t want to boost your blood flow. Allow the inflammation to go down and your body to cool off right after you work out. And be sure to drink tons of water and keep yourself safely hydrated. Applying ice or cold water can also help limit blood flow to inflamed muscles so they’ll feel better faster.


    After Cooling Off:

    Studies have shown that when your heart is back to beating at its normal rate and you’ve stopped sweating, a session in the hot tub can do wonders for lowering your pain and increasing your range of motion. Once the initial inflammation has passed, this is when the increase in blood flow will help stimulate healing for the muscles you are building.

    Soaking in a hot tub after a workout seems like the perfect reward for a job well done, and it is! Just allow your body the proper time to have a quick cool down period before jumping in to relax if you want to maximize the wellness benefits of your Beachcomber.

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