• Does Your Hot Tub Need A Pergola?

    Does Your Hot Tub Need A Pergola?

    When you invest in a hot tub, you want to ensure you have the perfect setting in your backyard to enjoy it. To really make your hot tub the star of your home, adding a pergola might be an investment you should consider making.

    Consider pairing a pergola with your hot tub.


    To start, these architectural designs can make an impressive statement. A pergola creates a visual focal point and can help you anchor the space. It also allows you to blend in natural elements by adding vines and plants throughout. You can also add water resistant fabric or a thin clear plastic roof for further protection against the elements. This way you are able to ensure you will be getting maximum year-round usage of your hot tub, in any weather conditions.


    Other advantages of this installation over open patios is that added privacy from the neighbours. There’s nothing worse than jumping into your hot tub to relax or enjoy quality time with your loved ones, only to be staring right at the people next door. Depending on the style of pergola you choose, and the plants you add along the sides, you can create an oasis that is protected from unwanted onlookers.


    If you are planning on hosting parties in the backyard, this can also add extra space for seating and lounging outside of the hot tub, as well as additional storage for supplies and towels.


    When pairing a pergola with your hot tub and your home, try to find one that aesthetically compliments the design, to achieve a unified look. Check out more easy ways on how to landscape around a hot tub and be sure to ask your local dealers on how to find a design that best compliments the functionality and visual style of your space.

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