• Introducing the 40th Anniversary Edition Hot Tubs

    Introducing the 40th Anniversary Edition Hot Tubs

    Today, we are very proud to announce the launch of a very special new, limited collection of hot tubs: The Beachcomber 40th Rubionyx Anniversary Edition models. The collection includes 720, 570, and 360 hot tubs designed specifically to create a perfect home spa experience, only possible from 40 years of industry-leading experience.

    Melding style and function, each model offers generous seating and footwells for maximum comfort. The collection also offers a wide-range of hydrotherapy options, with up to 147 jetting configurations thanks to Beachcomber’s patented FlexJet technology. Other cutting-edge features include Beachcomber’s stunning Star Trail LED exterior corner lighting, a cascading LED waterfall feature, and Crescent Moon Handgrip lighting for added nighttime ambience and illumination.

    Discover more details on the incredible hot tub features included:

    Rubionyx acrylic offering flashes of brilliant ruby red. 

    The ruby is the traditional gift for a 40th anniversary. So it was only fitting that we incorporated the brilliant red hue of the famous gemstones into an all-new acrylic design for these models. The resulting Rubionyx delivers a sleek, luxurious look for this series that is unlike anything else we have created before.

    Air Connect wireless sound for the perfect soundtrack.  

    Bluetooth-enabled wireless sound system that easily connects to your smartphone or MP3 device and offers the perfect soundtrack for every soak. Whether you are looking to get the party started, or want to add a relaxing calm ambience to a solo spa session, experience the incredible surround sound Air Connect uniquely offers inside your hot tub.

    A cascading waterfall for a natural oasis.

    Experience soothing cascading ambience and relaxation with a steady, gentle stream of water flowing into your hot tub. Achieve the effect of a natural hot spring oasis, and get even closer to nature inside your hot tub. Plus, lean back against the waterfall, and enjoy a gentle neck massage. 720 and 570 models feature Roman Arch waterfall, 360 models include a Blade waterfall feature.

    Signature lighting to set the perfect mood.

    There’s nothing like relaxing in a hot tub in the evening, and there’s no better way to set the perfect mood than with premium lighting features. Depending on the AE model you choose, you’ll experience the glowing illumination of Star Trail LED exterior corner lighting and Crescent Moon handgrip illumination inside the 720, or pinpoint handgrip illumination inside the 570.

    Our 40th Anniversary Edition collection is available online and through authorized Beachcomber dealers worldwide, just in time for spring installation.

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