April 18, 2018


When we started Beachcomber Hot Tubs 40 years ago, we were determined to not only deliver the best quality product to customers, but to ensure our products were built sustainably and ethically. As we celebrate Earth Day this year, we are proud to give our owners the guarantee that by investing in a Beachcomber Hot Tub, they not only purchased a high-quality, hand-crafted product, they bought one that makes minimal impact on the environment and maximum impact on local communities.

At Beachcomber Hot Tubs, we believe in growing our business by taking care of our customers, and our planet.

Here are a few of the ways we are driving positive change in our industry, to ensure that our hot tubs are enjoyed by generations to come:

100% Canadian Made

Every Beachcomber Hot Tub is built by a skilled and dedicated workforce inside our Surrey, BC factory. We believe in creating jobs and opportunities for local engineers and tradespeople as well as offering opportunities to new immigrants to build success in their fresh beginnings. We ensure our factory and dealerships provide safe working conditions, fair labour practices, and adhere to environmental best practices.

Energy Efficient

In the mid-1970s, at the start of the home spa industry, the lack of quality products prompted Keith & Judy Scott to provide customers with something better. They began a four-decades journey of maximizing performance while minimizing usage costs. They achieved this through innovations including 100% cavity-filled insulation, created a sealant across the hot tub cover that locks in heat, circulation filtration flow that minimizes jet motors, heat recovery through hydronic radiant heating, and LED lighting and smart digitized controls panels.

Push For Eco-Friendly Products

As the business has grown, Beachcomber has looked at new ways to invest resources into sustainability, more recently launching a revolutionary line-up of water care products that use alternative sanitizers and natural solutions to eliminate the volume of hot tub chemicals required in cleaning and balancing water. This includes our ClearTech UVC sterilization system that harnesses the sun’s natural UV rays to eliminate harmful bacteria and cut the need for sanitizers by up to 50%, and our Care Free Water Care system. We have also looked to minimize our impact on local forests in construction. Beachcomber’s Enviroskirt™ cabinet is made with a material that has the look and feel of natural wood, without cutting down trees. It’s also maintenance-free and durable against all natural elements, delivering superior, lasting performance, to real wood.


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