March 28, 2017

Study: Hot Baths (Not Ice Baths) After Exercise Yield Performance Benefits

Have you ever seen a video of high-performance athletes jumping into a bathtub full of ice and think…what is that really all about?

For years, many athletes have sworn by the benefits of quickly immersing themselves into cold, icy water, in the belief that it speeds up bodily recovery.

Well, according to a study from the Scandinavian Journal of Medicine & Science in Sports, swapping the extreme cold for a soothing, hot bath might be the way to go.

Among the findings, soaking in warm water was shown to stimulate performance-boosting heat adaptations that mimic how the body adjusts to hot weather.

Why Take A Hot Tub After Exercising

By soaking in warm water following training, you are helping your body’s sweat rate increase, your core temperature drop, and you will stimulate increased blood flow to your heart.

These three effects taken together, according to researchers, help enhance your body’s physical performance, particularly in warmer weather conditions.

If you are in the midst of winter training for a spring or summer event, warm hot tub soaks can have even more paybacks, as you are readying your body to perform and adapt in warmer conditions.

So keep the ice where it belongs…in your next margarita! And enjoy a nice, soothing Beachcomber soak to keep your body prepped for your next training session.

It is very important to note that staying hydrated whenever you do any form of strenuous exercise should be priority number one. Many experts recommend waiting at least 30 minutes after exercising before soaking in a hot tub, and we at Beachcomber agree. Give your body time to cool down and hydrate before you enter into your hyrotherapeutic session.

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