December 18, 2015

Should I shower before hot tubbing?

Hot tubbing with family and friends is a great way to relax and connect after work. It creates a great opportunity to give your body and mind a rest, while catching up with your loved ones. However, consistently bathing with multiple people in a hot tub can dirty your water very quickly. This means you may need to use more water care chemicals, and drain and fill your tub more often.

Why Take A Short Shower Before A Hot Tub:

One way to prolong the life of your hot tub water is to take a short shower before jumping into your hot tub. Even a 1 minute shower can heavily reduce any oil, dead skin and dirt present on your body. By reducing the amount of contaminants in your hot tub water, you can keep your hot tub cleaner for much longer and reduce the amount of water care needed.

Although with prolonging your water, showering before bathing in a hot tub can also reduce the chlorine smell. Chlorine only produces that familiar smell when it is oxidizing contaminants. So by showering, the chlorine won’t have to work as hard, meaning it won’t produce nearly as much of a smell.

Just like brushing your teeth, showering before entering a hot tub is a good habit to keep up. It will help keep your water care chemical use down, inevitably saving you money!

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