February 12, 2016

Romantic Date Ideas for your Hot Tub

Finding quality alone time to spend with your significant other can sometimes feel impossible. Owning a hot tub can help relieve some of the stress that comes with carving time to relax together. It’s like having a spa right in your own home!

Creative Hot Tub Date Ideas

     1. Set the mood with some candles.

  • Candles can serve a couple of purposes. First, they help set the mood by creating a soothing low level of light. Second, the fragrance they produce helps stimulate the “happiness” receptors in the brain. Fragrances can also help you shed stress and relax.

     2. Plan your playlist

  • Music is a critical part of putting together the perfect night for you and your partner. Be sure you have a good idea of what music your partner enjoys before putting together any playlist.

     3. Plan some drinks and light snacks

  • Adding some cocktails, wine and light finger food to your date is a great way to take your date to the next level. Be sure to watch the crumbs as these will end up in your tub and create an ugly mess.

     4. Lower the temperature.

  • Having the temperature in your hot tub around 37 degrees Celsius is a good way to allow your hot tub date to last. If the temperature of your water is too hot, you’ll overheat quickly and it will cut your date night short.

     5. Bring the conversation

  • Know if your partner is someone who relaxes by talking, or if they prefer to unwind by enjoying the peace and quiet.

With these simple tips, you can put together an amazing date night that you and your partner will enjoy!

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