February 17, 2016

Removing and preventing white flakes in your hot tub

Nothing ruins a soak in your hot tub faster than noticing that your water is dirty. Although your tub’s Beachcomber Microfilter constantly cycles and cleans the water, there are pollutants that can’t be filtered out. These pollutants include calcium scale deposits and biofilm growth from white water mold. One sure sign of these being present in your hot tub water are floating white flakes.

Hot Tub White Flakes


Calcium Scale is the most likely culprit for creating white flakes in your hot tub water. It occurs only when there’s an excess of calcium in the water, also known as “hard water”.

Biofilm is very common in hot tub water. It is mainly comprised of organic materials shed by those using the hot tub, along with other natural materials. If you leave your hot tub unattended or unused for extended periods of time, this type of mold tends to grow inside and produce white flakes. Although these flakes can be quite nuisance, it can be easily avoided through proper water care.


Ridding your tub of the white flakes due to calcium scale simply comes down to balancing your water. If your pH is too high, calcium scale will begin to form. To lower the pH, simply add “Beachcomber pH Minus” to your water. It’s critical that you test your hot tub water every few weeks. These tests will help you maintain clear water without too much extra effort.

White water mold is a very easily solved through keeping your hot tub clean. White water mold only grows in tubs that have not been cleaned, treated and circulated with chemicals in several months. Another way to prevent this type of mold is to thoroughly clean your Beachcomber Microfilter every few weeks. Alternate Beachcomber’s “Filter Clean” and “Filter Pure” products to clean your MicroFilter for best results.



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