September 20, 2016

Quick Guide to Beachcomber’s Hot Tub Lineup

Beachcomber Hot Tubs have 4 unique hot tub series that make up our full lineup. We have the 300, 500, 700 and 700 SLB Series. These series are extremely unique and offer a variety of different jetting setups, seating configurations and size. Although they’re all handcrafted in our Vancouver based factory, each series offers specific benefits and suits different customer needs.

Discover all of the amazing benefits of each series below.


700 SLB Series

Modern luxury, design and comfort define Beachcomber’s 700 SLB Air Series. This is our most luxurious, executive series. Every hot tub in this series offers amazing options and accessories. Without exception, these models will provide you with the ultimate amount of comfort and opulence.

If you’re interested in a tub with the best features and highest innovation, explore this series.


700 Series

Our 700 Series allows you to enjoy all of benefits of our high performance, quality hot tubs without the executive price tag. These hot tubs provide the perfect place to use as the centerpiece for your own personal backyard oasis! They’ve got room for all your friends, family and loved ones.

If you’re interested in a magnificent hot tub with a touch of luxury, explore this series.


500 Series

Spectacular value, enriching options and features. The 500 Series’ customizable options and features allow you to create the perfectly tailored hot tub for your situation. With this series, you have a tremendous amount of options. The seating across this series varies from just 2, all the way up to 7. Along with the varied seating, this series offers an incredibly diverse amount of jets.

If you’re interested in a reasonably priced, handcrafted hot tub, explore this series.


300 Series

The 300 Series includes our most agreeably priced hot tub models. These tubs offer the same quality and style that is present in all of our other hot tub models. With slightly less jetting, these tubs allow for a more relaxing hot tub experience. These series also has our only round tub model, the 321. This model seats 5 people and can support up to 45 water jets.

If you’re interested in a starter model hot tub, explore this series.

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