May 4, 2018

Planning the Perfect Hot Tub Party

This weekend calls for sunshine and a colourful opportunity for celebration, with Cinco de Mayo falling on Saturday. If you have a hot tub to boot, you’re certainly winning at life. And the planning details needed to throw the perfect outdoor party can be as easy-breezy as seabreeze blue margaritas…

Make sure to check the following off your hot tub party planning list:


Choose a theme

While a theme isn’t necessary for an impromptu social gathering, coming up with one in advance can determine your music, décor, and food planning choices, and is sure to be appreciated by your guests! Cinco de Mayo is a perfect occasion to set outdoors/in your hot tub. String paper lights over any trees or shrubbery that you have in your yard, as well as over any sheltering structures (ie. a patio umbrella or gazebo) over your tub for a guaranteed festive vibe just right for the colourful Mexican holiday. You can find mini piñatas at your local dollar store, as well, if you want to take the décor even further!


Match the music

Whether your vision is to blast mariachi music, or to rock out to a summer playlist, music will amp up your guests and is always a necessary component of any party, wet or dry.


Prepare light sources

For the most flattering glow to light your evening festivities, try to include at least three light sources. Remember that in addition to stringing overhead paper lights, you can light a fire pit and place a few free-standing tiki torches in the bushes around the edge of your patio.


Assemble a food bar

If you have a hot tub, the guarantee is that nobody will be showing up just for the food! But regardless, you can’t let your guests famish. Setting up a self-serve food bar will take the pressure off you for serving, while giving guests a fun and flexible way to customize their meals. The food bar can take many forms (ie, a rustic style burger bar or artisanal flatbread pizza offerings), but this weekend is a perfect time to debut the taco bar! You can lay out soft or hard shell corn tortillas and offer grilled shrimp, chicken and meat, salsa, guacamole, lettuce, and shredded cheese, with side accoutrements of cilantro, hot sauce, and blue corn nachos.

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