November 12, 2015

Our Customers’ Favourite Specialty Features

Our customers are interested in having the highest quality and the best value possible for the money they spend. It’s our goal to meet our client’s needs and provide them with top quality customizable features and options to create the hot tub of their dreams. Here are some of our customers’ favourite specialty features.

A Beachcomber Hot Tub’s Best Features:

Hybrid4® Edition

This options pack hot tub combines the three best options into one package of excellence. They embody Beachcomber’s philosophy and dedication to providing our customers with energy efficiency, excellent design at an affordable cost.

Hush Pump

Providing our customers clear, clean water is our #1 objective. That’s why we make this special option available to our customers – this small, but mighty pump helps to circulate, heat and clean your hot tub 24/7-at an affordable rate.

ClearTech UVC Water Care System

This environmentally-friendly system disables and sterilizes bacteria and viruses in hot tub water. Using the intense power of UV light in a small, controlled chamber, hot tub water is exposed to the light. There are less chemicals added and this process produces only clean, distilled water, ready to use.


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