July 20, 2018

Make Getting In and Out of Your Hot Tub Easier

After a soak, wet feet and wobbly legs can make it difficult to exit your hot tub safely. Considering that most accidents during hot tub use can happen while entering/exiting the tub, the importance of a handrail for safety can’t be overemphasized. Make sure you install a sturdy handrail and non-slip steps to prevent falls.

Consider these additional tips for preventing slips and falls while hot tubbing:

  • Only enter using the hot tub’s steps
  • Do not climb over the hot tub edges or on filter lids
  • Keep dry towels close by for hands and feet (think about installing a towel bar)
  • Ensure surfaces around the parameter of your hot tub are non-skid and give thought to safety concerns before installation
  • Use only plastic containers for serving drinks and snacks to guests in your hot tub, to avoid the added risk of broken glass
  • Talk to children about the dangers of running and horseplay around the hot tub


Our July Flex Bundle contains the Beachcomber safety rail, valued at $259, for only $129. The safety rail is made of high grade zinc plated aluminum and features a soft blue LED light for visibility. It also swivels to provide ease of entry and exit, and sturdily locks into position.

So if you buy a Beachcomber before the end of this month, you can take advantage of the July Flex Bundle and prioritize safety for your soaking!


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