March 27, 2018

Low Maintenance Hot Tub Ownership

If you’ve recently found yourself thinking about how great it would be to own a hot tub, you’ve probably also had another less great word cross your mind – maintenance. The reality today is that owning a hot tub doesn’t have to be cumbersome on your time or budget.With the right model and water care system, maintenance only has to take a few minutes each week.

It comes down to making the right decision when it comes to your investment.


Begin by looking at the factors that will impact the time you spend keeping your hot tub clean, both inside & out.

The Foundation:

Ensuring your hot tub stays protected from the elements outside starts with ensuring the base is perfectly sealed from pests, mildew, and moisture. Each Beachcomber Hot Tub comes standard with our Perma-seal Foundation, constructed from super durable ABS plastic to ensure the internal components of your tub stay protected and maintenance-free. The custom-made vacuum seal cap ensures that nothing on the ground penetrates in, and that your backyard oasis keeps running smoothly.

The Cabinet:

When it comes to the cabinetry that surrounds your hot tub, don’t just look at the colour that first catches your eye when it comes to making your decision. It’s important to really look at the materials used by the manufacturer to ensure your hot tub stays protected, and that you don’t spend extra time every season re-staining or replacing the exterior. Wood, while delivering a desirable visual statement, weathers quickly, and can be extremely costly to maintain year-after-year. At Beachcomber, our Enviroskirt cabinets are hand-assembled using highly tensile, wood embossed plastic to deliver the natural look and feel of wood, without the weathering effects. The result is a completely weather and UV resistant cabinet that is also completely recyclable.

The Cover:

Your hot tub will experience the greatest heat loss from the surface. Our HEATSHIELD™ Hot Tub covers are designed with a vacuum seal that not only traps in heat, but also keeps your hot tub protected from moisture, mildew, and excess water, without becoming water logged and heavy to move. This is not only important for minimizing the amount of maintenance your hot tub requires, but the ease in which you can get in and out to enjoy!

Water Treatment:

While these outside elements will make a big impact in the long-term enjoyment you get out of your hot tub, the maintenance that seems to be the biggest worry for most prospective owners remains that of the water inside. Hot tub water care doesn’t need to be time consuming and complicated. And the health of your water for every member of your family to enjoy doesn’t need to be a concern. With Beachcomber’s Care Free Water Care System, you not only get the healthiest, cleanest results imaginable, you also get them in a fraction of the time.

This user-friendly 4-in-1 water care system does away with a host of conditioning products by integrating water clarifiers, enzyme biofilm disruptors, metal sequestering agents, and multi-oxidizing components into a single two product system: CARE FREE and CARE FREE BOOST. By adopting this system, you cut down on cost and the number of products you need to achieve the best results.

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