April 23, 2018


With the warm, spring weather now in full-bloom, the long winter finally feels like it’s behind us. That means it’s time to get active outside, and take full advantage of all spring has to offer!

While exercise is something we all need, it also has its own set of risks and limitations particularly as we get older. High-impact training, especially running, can lead to serious and chronic injuries that can cut training sessions short.

So How Can A Hot Tub Help You Stay Active & Injury-Free?

Before working-out:

Having a quick hot tub soak before physical activity helps loosen up your muscles, which speeds up the recovery process and avoid injury.

Recovering after a work-out:

Therapeutic hot tub water increases blood flow and circulation, helping your trained muscles recover and build, and the mix of heat and jet propulsion soothes soreness and helps release built-up muscle tension that causes pain. Just remember to allow your body the proper time to have a quick cool down period before jumping in to relax if you want to maximize the wellness benefits of your Beachcomber Hot Tub.

Working-out in water:

Your hot tub is not only a place to prepare and recover from working out, it’s also a place you can exercise! A water workout is low-impact because it takes the pressure off joints, muscles, and bones, which reduces the risk of injury. With water’s natural density and buoyancy, you can enjoy a longer workout that doesn’t put unnecessary stress on your body.

Here are a few hot tub exercise ideas to try!

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