May 31, 2017

How to Shade Your Hot Tub

As the weather warms up, kicking back in your Beachcomber can feel like you’re on a mini summer getaway in your own backyard. But regardless of whether your lounging is done on a beach in the south of France or soaking in hot tub bubbles, having a shady reprieve from the sun’s rays is always a good idea.

Here are 3 ways you can create shade over your hot tub if you don’t have the foliage of a nearby tree to rely upon:



We’ll start with the most permanent option. Building a gazebo around your hot tub is certainly an investment of time and money, but it will add real estate value to your home. You can match the wood to the colour of your Beachcomber’s natural cabinet skirting, for cohesive backyard décor and a harmonious design. Of course, the permanence of the gazebo option can also be its downside, as the roof can’t be removed on those occasions when you do want full sun.


Tent Canopy

The tent option can be a more flexible alternative to the gazebo, as it can be easily dismantled when need be. A structure that has a covered top but open sides will allow for maximum light while providing some necessary UV ray protection. You can also drape this type of tent structure; perhaps with rich fabric for added luxury or your next Arabian Nights themed party.


Side Umbrella

There are many variations available with this option, as you can customize the colour, fabric texture, and size of your umbrella to suit your backyard décor, layout and hot tub size. Just make sure that you choose an umbrella with a swivel rod so you can adjust it to your desired angle, according to the sun’s height in the sky.


And if you do have the option to install your hot tub in the naturally shadier corners of your yard, or tucked amid a beautiful botanical foliage, consider the additional maintenance you may encounter. Falling leaves or flower blossoms can clog up your filter and lead to algae growth or an eventual chemical imbalance in your water. Check out our tips on keeping your hot tub water clean, and stock up on the ClearTech UVC Water Care System to have everything you need on hand for a clean and shady soak!

If your hot tub is in direct sun, a great way to protect your hot tub cover from those harmful UV rays and prevent fading is regular use of Beachcomber COVER CARE. This concentrated, EcoLogo Certified, liquid revitalizer and UV protectant is ideal for all types of hot tub covers, as well as vinyl products around the home, including patio furniture and vinyl on vehicles. COVER CARE is available online or through your local Beachcomber professional.

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