April 21, 2017

How to choose the water care program for you?

When weighing the opportunity of adding a hot tub to the home, one of the questions that comes up most often is “how hard is it to take care of?”

Knowing the chemistry of hot tub maintenance can seem daunting, but it’s really straight forward once you settle on the Water Care Program that best suits your needs and interests.

Now you might be asking yourself, “really, there’s more than one program I have to consider??”

At Beachcomber, we offer a number of different options in order to match every user’s individual needs and priorities. You don’t need a Masters Degree in Chemistry to master any of the programs, and below are a few of the pros and cons of each you might want to consider when it comes to maintaining clean and healthy water in your hot tub.

Beachcomber Hot Tub Water Treatment Options


CARE FREE is the industry’s gold standard in water care systems. CARE FREE is a 4-in-1 weekly water care system that replaces traditional water conditioners such as sequestering agents, oxidizers, biofilm disruptors and clarifiers. It is designed to use in conjunction with the CARE FREE BOOST™ sanitizer. CARE FREE is perfect for the regular hot tub user who appreciates the efficiency of blending all the ingredients you need into one great product and loves hot tubing in fantastically beautiful water.


CHLOR DISCS™ are stabilized slow dissolving chlorine sanitizer discs that control bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. CHLOR DISCS™ are perfectly suited to fit into the Beachcomber floating disc dispenser.  CHLOR BLAST™ is a stabilized granular chlorine based sanitizer and oxidizer that controls the growth of bacteria and algae in hot tub waters and is ideal for regular oxidizing. CHLOR treatment is perfect for the irregular hot tub user who appreciates good old fashioned chlorine to get the job done.


BROMO DISCS™ are slow dissolving bromine sanitizer discs that create a bromine residual to control bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. BROMO DISCS™ are perfectly suited to fit into the Beachcomber floating disc dispenser.  BROMO BLAST™ is a practical soluble one-step non-stabilized bromine sanitizer and oxidizer treatment that controls bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. BROMO treatment is a system that is perfect for the hot tub user who admittedly doesn’t test and balance their water as often as they should and appreciates a more forgiving program.


ULTRA START™ is a liquid formulation of bromide based salts which create a saline bank and act as part A of a bromine sanitizer system when used in conjunction with Part B, ULTRA SHOCK™.  ULTRA SHOCK™ is an effective non-chlorine oxidizer as part B of a bromine sanitizer system which provides bromine sanitation when used with part A, and controls bacteria and algae in hot tub waters. The ULTRA system is a salt based system combined with a non-chlorine oxidizer for the hot tub user who appreciates a more natural system and likes to keep a close eye on the balancing and testing of their hot tub.

Feel free to drop us a line, or drop into one of our authorized dealers if you want to know more about the seat options or any of the other features available inside Beachcomber Hot Tubs.

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