May 26, 2016

How a Beachcomber Hot Tub is superior to an inflatable one?

Deciding on the style of hot tub to buy is difficult. The many different sizes, designs and colors make it difficult to understand what would work best for your situation. Recently, inflatable hot tubs have gotten a lot of publicity because of the lightweight materials they’re constructed with. Although these tubs are cheaper than tubs with internal structures, they come with many potential problems that you must be aware of.

The Superior Construction of a Beachcomber Hot Tub


The main disadvantage of inflatable hot tubs is their lack of durability. These tubs can be pierced or ripped just like a balloon. Once popped, it’s very difficult to fix the tub and often times a single rip or pierce can necessitate an extensive repair or replacement. If you are considering purchasing an inflatable tub, be sure the area where you plan on placing it is clear of all sharp objects.

Lack of Therapeutic Benefits

Because this type of hot tub is built to be light and portable, the manufacturers don’t use real water jets instead they use fans to blow the water. These air jets aren’t able to produce the same force as water jets, reducing the ability for the tub to have therapeutic benefits. Also, these type jets have a cooling effect on the water. They force your tub to consume more energy to heat the water.

Lower Heating Power

Just like Beachcomber’s LEEP models, inflatable hot tubs often only use a 120 volt electrical outlet. While Beachcomber’s LEEP models are able to maximize the heating ability of the lower voltage outlet, these inflatable tubs do not have that same ability. These tubs will take a long time to reach a maximum temperature that is much lower than what can be achieved in a well-built Beachcomber LEEP model.

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