September 14, 2016

Hot Tub Stretching 101

Helping your body recover is a big part of being an athlete. Although stretching before exercise is vital, doing so afterwards is almost more important, and too often forgotten about. Doing your post exercise stretching in a hot tub is an even better way to further improve the future performance of your muscles.

Soothing Muscles In A Hot Tub

Hot water helps muscles recover by loosening them and increasing your ability to stretch. Below is a list of exercises to make sure you’re at your best for your next workout.

Hamstring Stretch

While seating down, place a strap around the ball of your foot and grab both ends of the strap with your hands. Follow this by raising your bent leg then slowly extend it in front of you until your leg becomes straight, or just as far as you can. Listen to your body, and be sure not to push yourself past your limit to avoid injury. Attempt to hold it for up to 30 seconds.

Shoulder Stretch

Sit upright and point your elbow in front of you. Follow this by holding your elbow with you other hand and gently pull it across your chest until you feel strong tension. Attempt to hold it for 10-20 seconds.

Back Stretch

The best way to do this stretch is while sitting in a lounger seat. First, put your knees in a bent position than follow that by slowly leaning forward. When you begin to feel tight, hold that particular position for at least 15 seconds.


To make these stretches as impactful as possible, be sure you relax your muscles beforehand. Do your best to pause at different points throughout each stretch as well.

Beachcomber Hot Tip: Always check with a medical professional if you have any previous injuries to ensure safety while doing any of these stretches.

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