September 8, 2016

Hot Tub Removal 101

Time to replace your hot tub? Not sure what to do with your old tub? Let us help you discover the best way to dispose of your old one to make room for your new one.

Depending on the condition of your hot tub, there’s a few options for removal of your older hot tub. Most often the mechanical parts of your hot tub are what malfunctions first. Although mechanical issues can be fixed, sometimes the issues are habitual and aren’t worth being fixed. On the other hand, if the acrylic or skirting is cracked or broken it’s almost certain that you’ll have to dispose of the tub.

How To Remove A Hot Tub

Trade-In Option

If you’re hot tub is still in good condition physically, it’s always best to look into the trade-in option. Many independent hot tub stores will offer some sort of trade-in discount program. If you do find a store that offers this, make sure you don’t take the first offer as there can be a discrepancy between what stores offer in return for trade-ins.

Also, don’t devalue your trade-in hot tub. Even if the mechanics of your hot tub are broken or don’t work perfectly, your tub still has value! As long as your patient with your search, you’ll receive fair value.



In cases when your hot tub is beyond repair and disposal is your solitary option, there’s a few things that you need to keep in-mind.

  1. Contact the hot tub store that you purchased your tub from, as well as a few others to find the best price
  2. Make sure the tub is fully unhooked, cleaned and empty of all of your belongings
  3. Arrange for the dealer to come and remove the hot tub


Beachcomber Hot Tip: Disposal of a hot tub can be expensive depending on where your tub is placed on your property. Also, ask your local dealer about disposing of your cover and other accessories.

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