November 15, 2017

Backyard Landscaping: Is Brick The Right Fit?

A Beachcomber Hot Tub, in any backyard, makes a bold statement. As new owners look to transform their backyard space into the perfect oasis for enjoying time in and around their hot tub, we are often asked about what building materials to look to as an easy, durable landscaping solution.


Landscaping solutions to consider for your hot tub

While concrete slabs work great as a solid support that can carry the weight of your spa, also look to classic brick for constructing a modern, low maintenance deck design.

Brick has the advantage of not losing colour over time and does not require much in terms of maintenance. Bricks are so durable in fact, they do not even require a sealer and can last for decades with minimal need for maintenance.

While the initial cost is higher for brick than concrete, its durability, and strength, along with its ability to blend with your backyard landscaping and add more visual interest, make it a great option for adding character to your yard.

Brick, like all durable modular paving, can be reset if the pavers become unevenly settled, and the best way to ensure your brick stays level for many years to is to create a great foundation and set the paving.

When you look to incorporate brick into your backyard landscaping, we recommend blending it with wood elements. This mix of the more industrial, stone look, with the natural warmth of wood, offers the perfect way to create a stunning, long-lasting outdoor space. Combine colourful plants and outdoor furniture, to help it pop with personality.

Some of the most popular bricking patterns we can recommend include:

  • Running bond:The simplest pattern and the easiest to lay in place; typical running lines with offset joints are great for making clean pattern lines in rectangular spaces.
  • Basketweave:This pattern has pairs of bricks set at 90 degrees to each other; it’s a great pattern for patios and a nice way to mix up the simple running bond.
  • Herringbone, 45 degrees or 90 degrees:Great for driveways because of its stability under heavy loads.

For more design inspiration, check out this article on “How To Landscape Around Your Hot Tub”.

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